The Arts Of Martial Art Sport

Boxing is one of the most popular sports in the world. Under the martial art category, the sport is being practiced for self defense and competition. Many people do not think boxing as a martial arts when it fact it is! Boxing is a western sport and was not considered as a part of martial arts becuase it cannot be use as sefl defense as people thought.


However, people failed to understand that the sport is the  simple way to learn self-defense for biggeners. Boxing is a strenous sport due to its complexities which makes it more unattainable for biggeners. For biggeners, crisp jabs and straight hand will be the first thing to learn. In sports, it essentials for fighters to learn the fundamentals and practice it repeteadly until they become good at it.


Learners are often instructed to do the proper stance, footwork and covering up techniques. As time goes by, fighters would learn the effective combination of punching drills and develop hooks, upper cuts and feints. Most of them must undergo a massive training to get the exact moves that is needed in the game.

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