The Brittney Skye MMA Challenge is back!!!

In October we at On The Mat launched the first ever Brittney Skye MMA Challenge to coincide with Pride’s first American show.

The contest was a hit, as our resident MMA guru Brittney Skye broke down each fight with her picks, allowing anyone who made more correct picks to be entered into an OTM prize package sweepstakes. Now we’re bringing it back for UFC 66! Brittney has broke down all the fights and made her picks. Whoever has more successful picks than her or comes the closest to beating her, will be entered into the OTM sweepstakes to win some free stuff from OTM! Just log on to OTM’s forum at (it’s free to register) and make your picks after hers on the thread entitled “The Brittney Skye Challenge is Back!!!” on the “Oddsmaking, Predictions, and Results Forum”. Good luck to everyone. May the best man or lady win! Hey fuckers!!! okay my picks are as follows!!! Now, the question of the fucking month!!! Chuck or Tito??? I’ve heard that question 20 times a fucking day lately!!! So, I gotta go with Chuck on this one!!! Sorry but here’s why!! I just don’t think that Tito has been challenged at all really, especially by anyone on Chuck’s level… (is there anyone on Chuck’s level??) I mean yeah he kicked Ken’s ass a few times, but we all knew that was going to happen!! And with Forrest it was a close split decision that many people (including me) maybe think went the wrong way…. and before that what sticks out in my mind was the Belfort fight!! I had a big party at my house for that fight and I was the only one going for Tito at my party, so I bet everyone and won a lot of money 🙂 … but again, a close decision!! So that’s why, and plus Chuck is my favorite fighter, and I gotta show the love, plus he’s a fucking badd ass!!! And weren’t people saying Babalu was going to be a challenge for Chuck?? But fuck no, he plowed right through him like everyone else!! So, I’m saying 3rd round knock out!!! Again, I think Tito is awesome but Chuck is just a fucking monster in the octagon!!! So, there it is!! Tapout is making me a custom Iceman hoodie for the fight so I’ll being flaunting the Liddell Love for everyone to see!!! lol…. so if you see me in Vegas, don’t talk no shit cuz I love Tito and Jenna too of course!!! but again I can only choose one!!! Randy Couture is doing commentary Saturday so that will be cool!!! I guess I will see you there!!! Got my favorite people by my side, gonna party it up at studio 54 after the fight!!! fucking A…booya!!! I’m hoping for a Pitbull Arlovski revenger knock out! I love the old school Andrei that used to knock people to the ground with a single punch and that’s what I’m hoping for tomorrow night!!! I gotta go with Forrest! I love you Keith but I’m saying 3 bloody rounds, Jardine is a tough motherfucker, and he aint going down but I think Forrest will win to decision! I gotta go with Rory Singer! His submissions are sick as we saw at the season finally but also he trains with Forrest and they are both on the same card! I’m sure they are both ready so ready to fight and win!!! Bisping all the way!!! He’s fucking awesome!!! I gotta go with Leben! Last time I bet against him I lost a lotta of money so I learned my lesson there! He’s a tough, stubborn fucker which makes him dominant in the ring!! He hates to lose!!! I’m not too familiar with the rest, but I’m going Alves, Marrero, and Wellisch!!! Thanks!!! Be sure to check out the new FightSport Magazine coming out in Janurary! I’m in it with Randy Couture! We have the poster pullout, so grab a copy!!! Lots of love, Happy New Year!!! And I’m so looking forward to Pride in Feburary!!! Thanks, xoxoxo – Britt Brittney’s Picks: -Chuck Liddell vs. Tito Ortiz (Light-Heavyweight Title) – Chuck Liddell -Andrei Arlovski vs. Marcio "Pe de Pano" Cruz – Andrei Arlovski -Forrest Griffin vs. Keith Jardine – Forrest Griffin -Michael Bisping vs. Eric Schafer – Michael Bisping -Chris Leben vs. Jason MacDonald – Chris Leben -Yushin Okami vs. Rory Singer – Rory Singer -Thiago Alves vs. Tony DeSouza – Thiago Alves -Gabriel Gonzaga vs. Carmelo Marrero – Carmelo Marrero -Anthony Perosh vs. Christian Wellisch – Christian Wellisch

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