The Cage Vol. 6 – Balls to the Wall

The Cage Vol. 6 – Balls to the Wall*

Date: 20.5.2006

Venue: Helsingin UrheilutaloCity: Helsinki

Country: Finland

The Cage promotion’s sixth professional MMA event is set to take place in Helsinki on Saturday, the 20th of May.

In the main event, Finland’s top middleweight fighter Joni Kyllonen faces Lithuania’s Rimgaudas Kutkaitis. The event comprises a total of 11 professional MMA bouts contested under the A- and B-class rules of the Finnish Mixed Martial Arts Federation.

Undercard (2×5 min):

1. Featherweight (-65 kg)

Daniel Westerberg, Team Yamasaki – Sweden



2. Welterweight (-77 kg)

Anton Kuivanen, GB Gym Helsinki – Finland


Martin Ahlberg, Pancrase Gym – Sweden

3. Middleweight (-84 kg)

Johan Antonsson, Team Yamasaki – Swedenvs

Grazvydas Smailys – Lithuania

Main card (3×5 min):

4. Lightweight (-70 kg)

Pasi Maliniemi, Shootfighting Lappeenranta – Finland


Billy Malm, GBG MMA – Sweden

5. Welterweight (-77 kg)

Janne Tulirinta, Riihimaen Heracles – Finland


Edvardas Norkeliunas, Titanas – Lithuania

6. Middleweight (-84 kg)

Jasse Junkkari, GB Gym Helsinki – Finland


Jani Karkiainen, Team Kolho – Finland

7. Lightweight (-70 kg)

Jarkko Latomaki, Shootfighting Lappeenranta – Finland


Kristian Hacklou, Team Brasa – Sweden

8. Middleweight (-84 kg)

Tuomas Simola, Salon HMVK – Finland


Thomas Valentin, Shootfighting Stockholm – Sweden

9. Lightweight (-70 kg)

Jerry Kvarnstrom, GB Gym Turku – Finland


Sergej Juskevic, Galaktika A – Lithuania

10. Middleweight (-84 kg)

Mikko Suvanto, MMA Imatra – Finland


Matti Makela, Pancrase Gym – Sweden

11. Middleweight (-84 kg)

Joni Kyllonen, Oulun Kamppailuklubi – Finland

vsRimgaudas Kutkaitis – Lithuania

* “Balls to the Wall” – Dating back to the 1950’s, this refers to an all-out effort. The phrase originated from an aviation term. On airplanes, the throttle control handles and the fuel mixture are often topped with grips that are ball shaped, thus referring to pilots as “balls.” If you push the ball forward close to the front wall of the cockpit your result would be a top speed

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