The gracies want to Bullyproof the “Bullyies” from Australia want your help!!

Australian Bullying Incident Reviewed

Ryron and Rener want to Bullyproof the "Victim" and the "Bully"

Last week a video of a bullying incident in Australia went viral. A kid named Casey was getting bullied by a smaller kid, Ritchard, and he suddenly snapped, got a hold of him and body slammed him on his head. We want to fly both the bully and the victim to California for a one-week Gracie Bullyproof camp at the Gracie Academy to ensure they do not bully or get bullied going forward.

With your help, we’d like to get this message to Casey and Richard, so please like/comment/favorite/share the video so we can get their attention and bring them to California.

Parents, if your child is getting bullied, visit

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