The hard ships of starting out

We all know the feeling of being brand new to the sport of MMA or any combative sport for that matter.  We want to learn as quick as we can be there everyday.  But as we all have found out, it takes a while to learn the techniques correctly.  It isn’t an over night thing.  So we get a little disappointed in ourselves.  We all felt we should be learning this quicker, why am I not getting it?  Why am I getting my butt kick every time I come in here?  Maybe I should get another job so I can come more then 2-3 times a week.  Money is extremely tight.  This is the hard facts of a student in martial arts.  But there is a bright side to it.  We all get better as we get our butts kicked.  The techniques all come to use at different  speeds.  But no matter what we learn them and try to master them.  We all do everything we can starting out to be at that gym every day.  But starting out this can be a hard task.  Most likely the hardest task. 

Most of us have families, work, and other obligations that can prevent us from getting to the gym as much as we want to.  I know for me money is the key.  Having the gas to get to the gym.  But I don’t let it get me down.  When I am there I am the first one there and the last one to leave, I make it count.  I train for 4 hours every day I am there.  It is part of the sacrofice to be the best.  If you can’t get to the gym, train at your house, in your living room, garage, basement, just try not to break anything.  But most importently no matter where you train make it count, train your butt off.

I remember my first sparring session like it was yesterday.  It was a hot summer day, overcast.  It was about 5pm when I got down warming up.  My trainer looked at me and said today your going to do a little sparring.  Let see if you can use what little bit you learned.  I throw my gear on as quick as I could, after all I pratice putting it on at home.  Climbed into the 8’x8′ ring and got my butt killed.  I was able to exicute the techinques taught to me, but I had no idea what to do.  Did that suck!  I must have got knocked down 6 times in the 1st round.  Man I hit him maybe 8 times.  The only thing I learned that day was that I can take a butt kicking.  My trainer told me not to fell beat, but to make sure I learned something.  Everyday I come into this gym, I have to give 120% so I don’t continue to get my butt kick when sparring.  But the most importent thing he told me was, he got his butt kick the whole first year he sparred.  In fact if he didn’t get his butt kicked he looked for a new sparring partner that would be able to push him.  That was insperational to me and I tell all new comers that.  Some listen and remember that, some say screw this and never come back.  But they need to remember it is not how many times you get knock on your butt, but how many times you can get up and continue on.

So lets face it.  It is hard when you are the new kid.  You are going to get your butt whipped, but in a good way.  If your at a great gym, they are not really trying to hurt or kill you, but make you stronger.  It is all part of the sacrofices we make to be fighters.  Not haveing enough money to make it to the gym, learning new techniques, new arts,  and just simply getting beat up is something we all have gone through.  If you are one that is going through it now, keep your head up.  You are not the only one going through it now, and you had many before you go through it.  It is part of becoming the best.

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