The Lightweight RFO title home to Wreckroom Athletics

On saturday if you were at the Richland County Fairgrounds you got to see 15 great fights.  One of the best fights that night was Julian Lane vs Michael Williams.  Both were game to get this fight going.  It didn’t take Julian long to take Williams down.  Though it was not part of the game plan to take the fight down to the ground due to Williams is pretty good on the ground.  But Lane proved to be the stronger fighter and dominated Williams with ground and pound.  Williams broke his right hand in the first round against Lane’s head.  He ignored the pain and kept fighting like a real warrior.  But after three hard fought rounds Williams came up short due to Lane’s dominit strength and ground and pound. 

Lane was all to excited with winning the belt and bring it home to the Wreckroom.   With all the hard training he put in he deffitly deserved the win and the belt.  He will be a good champion for as long as he desides to hold the title before going pro, which is something he is looking to.  I personally know that when he does turn pro, lookout light weights, Julian Lane is a strong fighter that is ready to bang with the best.

Now we are getting focused on getting Jon ready for his fight in February.  We are trying to find some information about his fighter, if your a fighter you know what information we are talking about.  But we got some time to come up with a good game plan before his fight and get him ready.  More to come later on about Jon and his training.

Congradulations to Julian Lane on his huge win against Michael Williams and winning the lightweight title.  Hard work pays off and he just proved that on Saturday.

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