The Mother Freakshow Fight Happening March 18th in Arizona

The Mother Freakshow Fight Happening March 18th in Arizona

Japan use to be the master of the Freakshow fight with events like their “Giants” Tournament, Jose  Canseco and any fight involving Bob Sapp but, recently, the tables have turned and American  Promotions have been picking up the slack.

Kimbo DadaUp until recently the biggest “Freakshow Fight” was probably Randy “The Natural” Courture vs James  “Lights Out” Toney (who was an active boxer, legend and champion in multiple weight classes). More  recently, we saw Bellator 149’s Freakshow Fights event with Royce Gracie and Ken Shamrock headlining  alongside Kimbo Slice vs. Dada 5000.

Bellator 149 was a disaster but that’s what most expect from the Freakshow Fights. They’re expected to  be a train wreck and that’s part of the spectacle of it all. The event did incredible ratings and Dada  5000’s heart stopped and his kidneys stopped functioning. He showed incredible heart in the sloppiest  fight ever and he actually died!

Now, UR Fight is stepping things up and getting into the Freakshow Fight Game with their event coming  up March 18 in Phoenix, Arizona.

Here are the Four Main Events of the card:

Dan Severn (57) vs. Tank Abbott (50) in an MMA fight
Michael Bisping vs. Chael Sonnen in a Grappling match
Ray Mysterio vs. Kurt Angle in a professional wrestling exhibition bout
Roy Jones Jr. vs. 5-3 MMA Fighter Vyron Phillips, who won a contest for the honor to fight Jones.

This will be a boxing match with Phillips making $100,000 if he wins I had no idea that Dan Severn’s career has been going on for a long time but has been slowing down and  the last I heard of Abbott he did his own backyard fight against Scott Ferrozzo which was a disaster.

The “professional wrestling exhibition bout” seems odd… The word “exhibition” seems unusual and I  guess means that this fake fight will be even less important? But, the Roy Jones Jr. fight against an MMA  fight (boxing) sounds pretty interesting and this is one that I was pretty shocked with when I saw the press release.

Things are looking exciting in the world of Freakshow Fights. I don’t see this one pulling any numbers  close to Shamrock/Gracie at Bellator 149 but I’ll be tuning in to witness the train wreck.

UR Fight

This article was submitted to us by Adam Jones, who runs a martial arts school in Keswick, ON, Rumble Martial Arts.

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