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The OTM Belt Database is an attempt to track students and practicioners of Jiu Jitsu (commonly known as either Brazilian or Gracie style) worldwide. This is obviously a monumental task, given the explosion of Jiu Jitsu’s growth over the last few years.

Since we took over the database from a little over a month ago, the response has been absolutely tremendous. However, there have been a few misconceptions about our intentions and methods.

First of all, we didn’t automatically import the data from’s database. A lot of the information was out of date and the rankings were inaccurate to the point it would be cleaner to start the database from scratch. (Although the database is being used as a reference point). Instead, we have begun the (rather slow) process of importing rankings from the very top (the Grandmasters) and we have been careful to include useful information such as biographies and photographs that were not included in the original database.

Of course, if you were listed before and are not now, you are welcome to add your own information via the following link: While we certainly hop to eventually track everyone in the martial art, realistically it will be awhile before we even manage to list all of the black belts.

Secondly, many people have asked what happened to the lineage chart. There has been a lot of controversy over the last few years about the lineage chart. One can assume that ALL practicioners of the art can trace the heritage from Count Maeda to the Gracie Brothers on down, but afterward it sometimes gets a bit more murky. Currently the intention of the lineage chart is simply to list the instructor who awarded the latest belt, however due to popular demand the lineage chart will reappear at some point after more of the instructor ranks have been updated.

Important disclaimer: Although we hope the OTM Belt database is a valuable resource to all students and fans of Jiu Jitsu, and we are painstakingly updating and researching the entries, it is in no way an “official” listing of rank in Jiu Jitsu, nor do we claim to verify the validity of any ranking. When we mark any of the listings as verified, we have simply contacted the instructor in question and verified that he (or she) has awarded the ranking; we are not holding that ranking to a standard for BJJ.

By the way, on this note there is motion among the Grandmasters and the International Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Federation to standardize belt awards. You can read about these here:

Of important note is that according to official IBJJF rules, only black belts of second degree or higher can award black belts.

To answer another question that has been asked frequently is the rest of the great content and articles that contained. We are making a few more modifications to the website to make it even easier to find all of this goodness, and the entire library from’s archives will be available shortly.

(One final note: If you wish to modify an existing entry please e-mail

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