“The Return of Mixed Martial Arts to North Carolina”

Carolina Fight PromotionsThe Ultimate in Mixed Martial ArtsPresents“The Return of Mixed Martial Arts to North Carolina” Former NC State Athletes to compete in the fastest growing spectator sport in America

Raleigh, NC – Enthusiasts for the fasted growing spectator sport in America will be delighted to learn that an MMA tournament is coming to their hometown. Nowadays, MMA fights are the most entertaining sporting events because of the unpredictable outcomes and the clash between contrasting fighting styles (wrestler vs. strikers and strength vs. technique). The MMA athletes are the most fit and multi-faceted fighters in the planet. These modern day gladiators have courage and high respect for one another. The MMA events attract people across generation gaps and gender. The fights are conducted under the watchful eyes of a highly skilled and experienced staff (referees, doctors, judges).

On April 26th at Dorton Arena in Raleigh, hundreds of spectators from the area and across the northeast will be able to attend their first MMA event. MMA fighting has become the fastest growing spectator sport in America and around the world. MMA fighting is currently the highest rated program on Spike TV. These sporting events broke the all time pay per view records for a single year in 2006.

Several local athletes will compete in the amateur fights scheduled for the September 22nd. These athletes will include former NC State students. The fights will be executed in a 30-foot cage. Each fight will consist of 3 five-minute rounds. The fighters will have a one-minute rest period between each round. This event will be covered via ADCC news, MMA.TV and NHB News.com. The show is scheduled to start at 7:00.

Carolina Fight Promotions is bringing MMA fighting back to Raleigh. “Known for it’s fair pairings Carolina Fight Promotions strives to give the crowd a night of exciting action,” said Jason Culbreth, one of the promoters from Carolina Fight Promotions.

To view the home page for the Carolina Fight Promotions visit www.carolinafightpromotions.com

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