The Sasquatch Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Instructor

A Tale of Insurmountable Greatness

Reprinted by request from www.DaveCamarilo.comThe Bigfoot body that was found recently has been revealed as a hoax. It is highly improbable that a large ape-like creature lives among us in remote forest areas with no hard evidence ever surrounding it. I believe it is a waste of time to go on searching for something that probably does not exist. This stands even though many have “seen” this so called creature in question. Even still the Bigfoot has been a part of American culture for quite some time. This legend has spawned some great curiosity among enthusiasts. It has also given rise to my own personal story. Despite my disbelief in such a creature I feel compelled to tell my tale. So here it is.

A friend of mine dubbed a famous BJJ instructor the name Sasquatch. It is true this instructor is famous, but to some he is a legend. He is not on tv, he is seldom in the spotlight. Although he eludes many, he also holds great fascination to those who have spotted and learned from the great instructor. Everything about him resonates greatness. He is like a hero of a blockbuster film. In a sense he defeats evil, saves the damsel in distress and evades capture. He is the legendary Sasquatch of BJJ instructors!

After hearing about this legendary story I became a little fascinated myself. And then when a friend of mine, Paul Schreiner, talked about taking a lesson from the man himself, I laughed, when I realized he was serious, I was blown away. We made the decision and planned a trip to the creatures known locale. We traveled light. I brought the bare essentials, Guerrilla Gi, backpack, Water, MRE’s and a few flares. Paul did the same, but he also brought some 50 ft. rope. I told him it would take up too much room, but he didn’t listen. We argued, but in the end he ended up with the bloody rope anyway!

Despite our nervous angst while packing and arguing about the rope, we were thrilled to be living in the time of the great Sasquatch instructor. We were on a quest, a journey if you will, to the edge of civilization to uncover a great mystery that has baffled millions. Our names would stand the test of time as our research would be published in Jiu-Jitsu journals for the rest of our lives. To say we were excited would not do how we felt justice. We left a short time thereafter on the greatest expedition since Lewis and Clarke!

When we left we knew that it was a possibility to never see our home again. Our destination was a dangerous one. We traveled to a land, far, far away, to the opposite side of our great country into an urban jungle. It is said that the Sasquatch instructor lives in such a landscape. When I saw the tall buildings, the vastness of the terrain and the diverse populace I knew we were on to something. Upon arrival I forgot about the dangers and just stood, soaking up the great view, totally relaxed and devoid of any possible hazard. Little did I know that danger was lurking at every corner.

A few days later I found myself separated from Paul. In a world so large this is not a rare situation to be in. I knew to not to call out, as the sound would give away my position. I stayed put, sipped some gourmet coffee and waited for my weary friend to return. And when he did I knew he had a tale to tell! His face wore a sheath of excitement. He was damp from sweat, breathing heavy from exhaustion and scowling from ear to ear. And when he spoke, I thought I would hear tales of rage and violence, but I didn’t. He simply said seven words. And those seven words will forever haunt my memory. He leaned forward close to my ear, took a deep breath and said, “John Danaher is the best instructor alive!”.

It is true, John Danaher is the Great Sasquatch BJJ Instructor! Many have heard of Danaher. Many have experienced his great teachings. Many have also heard of him but never spotted this reclusive creature. He is not flashy; he is not loud. He doesn’t color his hair so people in public can recognize him. His actions do not quantify him as an “inyaface” personality. He is simply a genius. When you have reached his level of articulation and knowledge, you don’t need flash; you don’t need hype. You simply are who you are. And Danaher is! He is simply the greatest BJJ instructor on planet Earth!

Here is the creature in his natural habitat. Notice the mix between shorts and Gi-top (gi and no-gi). This proves he is a step beyond in the evolution of BJJ instructors!

Here is the creature in his natural habitat (top figure). Notice the mix between shorts and Gi-top (gi and no-gi). This proves he is a step beyond in the evolution of BJJ instructors! Here he shares his ingenious knowledge with Paul Schreiner and UFC fighter Jon Fitch.

We got the creature to pose long enough for us to take this picture. It may be the only one of its kind in existence! From left to right, Paul Schreiner, UFC fighter Jon Fitch, Dave Camarillo, John Danaher, Renzo Gracie Black Belt Shawn Williams and Boondock Saint Sean Patrick Flanery.

I thank John Danaher for giving me something to strive for. I take great passion in teaching and to have the privilege in meeting the best BJJ instructor alive means a great deal to me. I have trained all over the world, learned many arts and have had access to world champions in Judo, JJ, Wrestling Kickboxing and MMA. I have yet taken a lesson with someone like John. I believe being well read is an important part of articulating something to others. Having Jiu-Jitsu presented to me the way John did at the seminar was a great display of this prowess.

I have always told my students to latch onto greatness and it will pull you to where you want to be. I latch myself to instructors like John. And I am grateful for the journey!

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