The Scotty Have Eyes!

As some of you saw at Strikeforce earlier this month, Scotty got his nose cut off his face. We read his blogs, saw the pics above, and it sure does look like it hurt a lot. Turns out, not only did he brake his nose several times, including once in Rio, but he had also broke or fractured his pallet at some point. The only time I can think that might have happened was in 2006, when he was attacked by a German Shepherd in the movie "The Hills Have Eyes".

Anyways, the doctor fixed his dual deviated septum and was able to take some cartilage and restructure his nose and nostrils. He now has two pins in his nose holding his schnozzola in place. The guy has been through a lot this month, which is why me and some friends planned on taking him out to some Halloween parties this weekend, where he could easily blend in without needing to get a costume.

I myself had planned on going as Alex DeLage from "A Clockwork Orange"

However, I’ve been running around my house all day looking for my derby hat to finish the costume. I had laid out my costume last night, so I wouldn’t have this problem too. Just as I thought I may be going a little mad, since it’s Hell Night, I get this picture-text from Scotty!


"Thanks for the hat. Now no one will know it’s me! Happy Halloween!" – Scotty


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