The Sex Ray

The Sex-ray is among us!

” – I KNOW YOU”RE OUT THERE, I CAN FEEL YOU NOW. I KNOW THAT YOU”RE AFRAID..YOU”RE AFRAID OF US, YOU”RE AFRAID OF CHANGE, I DONT KNOW THE FUTURE, I DIDNT COME HERE TO TELL YOU HOW ITS GOING TO END, I CAME HERE TO TELL YOU HOW IT IS GOING TO BEGIN.”This has to be one of the most unusual, interesting, and even scary products I have ever seen. Basically, it is a device that stimulates the human brain by remote control being sold as a toy.

As you may know, the human brain is a transmitter of electrical impulses. These impulses can be monitored with an electroencephalogram. What you may not know is , this transmitter, your brain, can also be a receiver : a receiver of microwave signals that can elicit anything from voices to, in the case of the sex-ray, human sexual response.

The literature on the human brain, microwaves, and behavior modification (mind control) is extensive and on going. Both sides of the cold war spent decades researching the subject and the fallout is only now trickling down to the general public.

If the brain were to recieve a mirror image of the signal it’s sending out, the two would cancel each other, leaving the mind like an open channel for the introduction of a third signal, tuned to a precise region of the brain; pirate radio for your mind.

Sex-ray, Orgone, facilitator, or Splash-light all refer to the same burgeoning, although as yet still underground, phenomenon. Most of the information on these devices is found on the web-sites, but many details remain obscured. It wasn’t until recently that you could buy them at all without knowing someone in the underground nightclub scene of Dallas, Boston or New York. Now thanks to OntheMat, you do!

If all this sounds like the ads for X-ray specs in comic books, don’t feel bad.

Particularly in the area of microwaves, the perception of the general public is seriously out of date.This technology is so old it’s been declassified. Many applications are commercially available. Including things that will look through your clothes, by the way.

What gives the sex-ray extra appeal ( like it needs any) is the question, what Prometheus brought this to our world? Instead of the Sony Sexman, we have the Splash-light. Instead of a corporate tool, we have something more democratic, useful, and cheap. It’s the sex-ray, not the go-to-work ray.

This is decades old technology being exploited by people with training, education, imagination, and access- the new breed.

Is there a death-ray; something that slows the heart or stops breathing? Thank God vital functions such as those are difficult to manipulate, requiring much more power and precession. By comparison, the sex-ray is a much easier problem. Those areas of the brain that are responsible for emotions such as sexual desire, love, passion, require very little urging. For better or worse, we are hardwired to make friends, seek pleasure, and connect with other people.

Yes, they work, so be careful with them, don’t splash me (unless you are a really hot girl) and I’ll see you in the future…future…future…future….

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