The Tao of Dean Lister

 Dean Lister is an amazing grappler who defies the expectations of the common Jiu Jitsu norm. Where most athletes treat their body as a temple, Lister is apt to drink his way up to a competition similar to Babe Ruth in his prime. This was covered in Michael Hresko’s article “The Tao of Dean Lister” for the Fightland blog. Hresko spent time interviewing Lister at his apartment near the Gym he trains at, and Lister’s apartment is nearly a hotel with its minimal furniture and vagabond crew of athletes that roll through as he rents his room out to people training.  

Lister goes on to talk about alcohol, fighting all over, the world, his past relationships with beauty queens and much more in the article. If you have ever wanted to know the mentality of what it takes to be one of the best fighters in the world this is something you should read. From fights to Jiu Jitsu to mindset, this article has it all for any fan of the sport and for anyone a little bit off kilter from the norm. This article defines Lister and will enlighten you to the thoughts of a high level grappler.


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