The Ultimate Fighter 5 Episode 2 Recap

TUF5 promises to be the craziest season of the The Ultimate Fighter yet, and so far the show is living up to the hype. Episode begins (as per the norm) with recaps and reaction of last weeks fight between Corey Hill and Allen “Monstah” Berube. Corey Hill cries with joy in the locker room (without being called a crybaby by the announcer I might add). His team even presents him with a homemade belt. Surprise! Allen Berube is back in the house. The housemates welcome back, a few have some reservations about eliminated fighters being around because they obviously won’t have the same level of intensity as fighters who are still in it. Team Penn teammates Matt Wiman and Gabe Ruediger have a few words for each other. It begins with Gabe entering the room while Wiman is waiting for a massage and saying he would crush Wiman. Wiman counters that Gabe is a pig. Team Pulver is enjoying the conflict. Wiman is angry because he thinks it makes the team look bad. Time for fight selection, and as the winners of the fight Team Pulver is calling the shots. BJ has the bright idea to have Rob Emerson step up and begin mouthing off to Corey Hill to get Pulver to make that match. A bit of chaos ensues, but Pulver sticks to his guns and makes the match they had planned on with Manuel Gamburyan vs Noah Thomas. Noah is from Colorado and a former Marine. Despite having 40 fights, he’s the underdog in this match. Some shenanigans back at the house, as the guys spot some girls on horseback and invite them to the house. The horse actually slips on the driveway and the fighters have to help the girls get the horse back to the street! The drama between Matt Wiman and Gabe Ruediger continues, and escalates to the point where coach BJ has to intervene. A team meeting is called and things are apparently squashed, but BJ expresses he’s about ready to throw both of them out of practice. Manuel Gamburyan is from Armenia and cousin of UFC fighter Karo Parysian. Both fighters have a strong judo background and have the same style of fighting of hard nosed, never say die momentum. Manuel has not fought in two years because of shoulder injuries. At the commercial break an audience poll is taken of who would win between Gabe Ruediger and Matt Wiman. Stay tuned for results! At the weight ins Noah Thomas steps on the match eating a sandwich. Despite this he weighs in at 154 and a half. Manny is built like a tank, and weighs in at 156. Back at the house Team Penn has the day off. They start of destroying some of the decorations in the house. Joe Lauzon takes a test shot at Rob Emerson, holding him in the shield, and accidentally pegs him in the nuts. A sure fire recipe for TV comedy, of course, is the groin shot. Emerson doubles over in pain, but honestly, it didn’t look THAT on target. Team Penn next begins by writing on the walls, innocently enough at first sending messages to the US troops overseas, but at some point Emerson writes “Suck it Team Pulver on the wall.” As soon as Team Pulver’s van pulls up some members of Team Penn can sense drama was about to take place. They honestly had no idea, as Team Pulver quickly takes offense to the graffiti. Nate Diaz especially gets angry and challenges however wrote it to step up. Diaz goes as far to pull off his shirt and get in a huff over it. (Editors note: Having known them for awhile I can tell you that the Diaz brothers are cool as hell, but they are definitely fighters and they are definitely from Stockton, which if you know anything about the area actually says a lot.) No sooner does Nate clam down does Manuel step up and take the anger level to a whole new level. Emerson finally apologizes, but it takes Hill pulling Manual outside to finally calm him down. The viewers poll has Matt Wiman over Gabe Ruediger by a margin of 88% to 12%! Ouch! Manuel declares he’s going to hurt Noah as much as possible, so he’ll pee blood the next day. Yikes! The tale of the tape has Noah with a record of 10-4, pretty far short of the forty matches that was continually mentioned. Manuel begins the fight by landing a looping overhand right that momentarily stuns Noah . Much like a pitbull he’ nicknamed after, Manuel rushes in for the kill and Noah attempts a guillotine against the fence. Manuel soon gets out, spins his opponent and tosses Noah like a rag doll to the mat. From there Manual is tenacious in his attack, landing heavy punches when he can while passing guard. Noah doesn’t have much of an answer for this on the ground, occasionally attempting to tie up Manual with his legs, but more often than not finding himself underneath side control. Manual spins to north south position, locks a kimura and forces a tapout a little over two minutes into the match! BJ states he’s glad Noah realized he was in trouble and tapped, as an arm injury like that and you can’t wipe your ass for ten months! Jen Pulver and Dana White are suitably impressed with Manual. Noah is not sure where he’s going after this (doesn’t he go back to the house?) Next week, Team Penn is not happy with the teams attitude, Jeremy Horn comes in to coach for Team Pulver, Corey Hill gets a little out of control, and Gabe Ruediger gets an enema. No really.

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