The Ultimate Fighter 5 Episode 6 Recap

The first match up is Brian Geraghty of Team Pulver against Joe Lauzon of Team Penn and the second match is Robert Emerson of Team Penn vs Corey Hill of Team Pulver. Recap of the non fight from last week. This means that we get two fights this week! Yeah! The first match up is Brian Geraghty of Team Pulver against Joe Lauzon of Team Penn and the second match is Robert Emerson of Team Penn vs Corey Hill of Team Pulver. Joe Lauzon is a young fighter who looks very much like the computer programmer he is. He may be the biggest name in the competition and he has a big win, as in his UFC debut he managed to knock out Jens Pulver! Team Pulver is very aware of this fact, and aware that Geraghty is an underdog in this match. Geraghty wouldn’t mind avening his coach, but Pulver asks to forget the fact that Lauzon knocked him out and just concentrate on what he needs to do. In the locker room Dana White reminds the fighters that if the fight ends in a submission or knock out it’s worth $5000 to them. Wasn’t sure if that was still in effect, but officially now it is. The match begins and very quickly Lauzon goes for the takedown and slams Geraghty down. Lauzon lands a hard elbow that nearly knocks Geraghty out right there. Geraghty winds up turtling up and Lauzon takes the back and sinks in the choke. Geraghty stands up to avoid the choke, but Joe finishes him off in a little over a minute. Team Penn is naturally excited to finally have a win. Pulver mentions he’s glad Lauzon is good, so he didn’t lose to a bitch. Geraghty is extremely disappointed, and says he’d be surprised if Dana White even lets him back in the Octagon. Rob Emerson gets a second chance at the Octagon against Corey Hill. Hill, as it turns out, only has two amateur fights on his record (he told the producers four). Cory actually quit his job to audition for the TUF, but Pulver tells him to not be intimidated by anyone. Cory says some people fight like a sniper, but Cory compares himself to a machine gun. At the weigh in both fighters make weight. Rob Emerson shows up in a thong and we have the second use of the blue from the editors. And very quickly into the show we have our second fight! The poll of the night asks if Team Penn will get the win they need. Guess we’ll find out the answer soon enough. Corey Hill is listed at a whopping 6’4 but 0 fights on the tale of the tape. Robert Emerson is actually a lot better than his 8-6 record would suggest. Fight begins and Corey comes out like a house of fire, sending off a barrage of strikes that Emerson manages to avoid. A brief takedown sequence and soon the fighters are circling each other more cautiously. Emerson manages to regain some control as he finds his range (avoiding the enormous reach of Corey Hill). Corey Hill is content to flick out his jab for the remainder of the round as Emerson attempts to move in and out to find his target. Close round. Second round begins with the fighters continuing to circle each other. Corey Hill works his jab as Emerson attempts to ruch in, but not much effect thorugh the first minute. After the first minute the fighters briefly tie up, but quickly separate and Emerson seems to be landing the more effective strikes. Corey responds using his reach and literally dancing around the ring. Half way through they fighters clinch again and unleash flurries, but separate to circle again. The match continues this way and only in the final minute is there any sort of action as Corey manages to knock Emerson down and follows through to the ground. Emerson responds from the bottom with a heel hook as time expires. Judges call is very up in the air. I personally call a draw with a third round coming. 59% of you feel that team Penn will be able to pull off the big win according to the TUF poll. And as I guessed, there will be a third sudden victory round. Fighters begin by touching gloves and circle each other as they have for the majority of their match with the occasional flurry. This pattern concern though the first three minutes of the match. At about the four minute mark, Emerson either shoots for a takedown or stumbles towards Corey, but the fight is back up to the feet soon enough and the process of circle and flurry continues. Both sides are shouting encouragement but the timer sounds without much actual action in the match. Again, tough to call the round. Dana White feels that Emerson won the fight, but the judges give it to Corey Hill. Now Corey reveals that this is his FIRST fight. Emerson is upset with the judges decision, but as White points out, he fought not to lose as opposed to trying to win the fight. Next week BJ throws someone off his team and we’ll see two more fights next week!

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