The Ultimate Fighter 5 Episode 7 Recap

BJ is disgusted by his team’s performance and figure he has to do something to get his team going. Previously, on the Ultimate Fighter, Andy failed to listed to BJ’s gameplan in his fight against Brandon, Wayne struggled in practice, Marlon “Mr Indestructible” Sims couldn’t stop bragging about his street fights, Team Pulver has picked off the weaker members of Team Penn winning 5 of 6 bouts, but now they’ll have to face BJ’s #1 and #2 picks and stepping up will be Wayne and Marlon. Who will be the Ultimate Fighter? After the recap of last week’s fights, Dana White pulls BJ into his office and asks them to take charge of his team. Dana says that BJ doesn’t want to be like Ken Shamrock, and says a bunch of other stuff that is largely bleeped out. BJ is disgusted by his team’s performance and figure he has to do something to get his team going. Back at the house Emerson, feeling a bit down, orders himself a keg and hookah? Suddenly this looks more like Half Baked than the Real World. At practice, BJ calls a meeting and give a speech that he has been here to give 100%, but one person has not listened to anything. And just like that, he throws Andy Wang off the team. Andy is understandably confused and tries to talk to BJ, but BJ responds with “waste of time”. The rest of the team is confused as well right now. So Dana White is called in, and BJ explains that Andy won’t listen and is a big problem on the team. So Dana White approaches Jens Pulver and asks if he’ll take Andy. Jens says he’ll have to ask the team first, and while at first apprehensive when they find out it’s Andy they’re more than happy to take him on. Dana pulls Andy and Jens into the office and tells them that Wand is on Team Pulver now. Andy is hesitant, much to the shock of Dana and Jens. Dana pretty much tells him it’s a done deal and doesn’t listen to much of Andy’s logic before walking out the door. Despite all of this, Team Pulver accepts Andy with open arms. Fight announcement time. Wayne Weems calls out Gray Maynard, which leaves the final match of Marlon Sims against Matt Wiman. Both fights will be on this episode. Jens Pulver remarks that Wayne Weems is the most improved fighter on his team. By Wayne’s own admission he’s not the most technical guy in the world, he just goes in and fights. Gray Maynard is a long time wrestler, who recently began training in MMA. And the poll of the night is was BJ Penn right to kick Andy Wang off his team? How is Wayne 16-2? The way the editing has made him look like he can’t fight his way out of a wet paper bag, but he’s listed at 18 fights? Gray is a more modest 3-0. Gray immediately takes Wayne down and pushes him against the fence. Wayne holds onto Gray’s head for dear life, but Gray eventually frees himself. After attempting a choke for a short time, Gray decides to hit Wayne a few times which forces Wayne to turtle up. Wayne takes the back and flays Wayne out and proceeds to wail on Weems for what seems like an eternity. Herb Dean finally, mercifully calls an end to the bout about 2:45 into the fight. Puler respects Wayne for getting in there, but figures the conclusion is what everyone figured it would be. A little tension between Marlon and Matt, as Matt (along with a few others) are sick of Marlon’s bragging. For his part, Matt has changed his nickname from “Handsome” to “Moderately Attractive”. Marlon wants to bring striking back to the UFC. A whopping 0% of people think that BJ was wrong to kick Andy off the team. Of course 0% of you think he was right. Huh? 10 seconds into the fight, Matt and Marlon exchange huge blows in the center of the cage. Marlon folds however, and Matt jumps to Marlon’s back. Matt quickly sinks in the rear naked choke, and Marlon slips into slumber land at the fifty second mark. So the semi final participants are set. Next week we’ll find out who’s fighting who, but there will be a big brawl back at the house between two of the eliminated fighters. Next week on the Ultimate Fighter.

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