Thiago Tavares goes to striking against Chiquerim in UFC

Veteran of the UFC, Thiago Tavares will face a rookie in his next appointment by the organization. The fighter will face his compatriot Willamy "Chiquerim" Freire, who left his belt as world champion of Shooto to debut in the Octagon.


The fight will happen on August 1, on UFC Live 2, televised on Versus, and Tavares spoke to us how he intends to present himself in the confrontation.


"I’m training and my expectations are always the best", he said, "I’m training a lot standing, let’s have that fight with striking that everyone wants to see".


For some of his earlier fights, Tavares trained in Rio de Janeiro and in U.S., but this time he promises to do all the preparation in his city, Florianópolis.


"I’m always here in Florianópolis, I still have the opportunity to train for sometime in U.S., but I’ll stay right here. I have great training here", said Tavares, who does not care to face another Brazilian in UFC", I already fought with other Brazilians, and then it is indifferent to me. Of course that the ideal is the Brazilian would face athletes from other countries, but the truth is that this thing doesn’t exist, you have to do your job. It’s me against the other, him against another, and so on. The Americans facing each other every time and never complain, and then I don’t see any problem in doing the same against another Brazilian".

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