Thiago Tavares ready to return to UFC

 Without fighting since January, when tied with Nik Lentz, Thiago Tavares back to the Octagon Saturday, at UFC 119, to face Pat Audinwood, which will make his debut in the organization. Live from Indianapolis, the scene of confrontation, Thiago spoke with us on his fight.



How are you getting for this fight?


The trainings were great and very well run. I managed to accomplish all the steps and without any hurt. I’m focused and everything went as best as possible. It was time that I did not feel so strong and I could prepare myself for a fight with no surprises.



You were set to face Willamy Chiquerim in early August, but he got hurt and the fight was canceled. This change disrupted your preparation?


Not really. Turns out I just had to keep my training and I was already ready to fight again.



Your opponent will debut in the UFC and do not have passages for big events. You could see something from him?


I have not the slightest notion of what I will face there. The only thing I know it is his resume. The only thing on which I based it was the curriculum. Other than that, I do not know practically anything. He is a great unknown for me. I saw his fight and he kicked the guy’s head and the guy take him down, and he submitted with triangle choke. Nevertheless, this does not mean anything. For me it’s up there I would find what he does.


Somehow it disturbs you? How do you prepare for an opponent like this?


I’ll do what I know, because I’m not too worried about what he can do. Obviously I have a big responsibility, but I’m concerned even with what I can do. What he can do not interest me much. Of course it is important to draw a strategy of fight, but even I’m focused on what I can do within my possibilities. I hope to make a good fight and say what I did right. For you see, today I do not know exactly what he might do. I do not know anything and I hope to give another interview saying I have not figured out what he can do because I did not let him do anything. I’m very focused for this fight.


How are you seeing this weight? A win could lift you into that category?


For me, this guy is a guy to come back into the UFC. I say this because I spent too much time off. I only spent 2009 fighting just a battle against Manny Gamburyan and I beat him. After I fought in January 2010, that is, spent a year without fighting. In this fight I faced Nick Lentz and they give the draw. That fight was the beginning of the year and since then I’m not fighting, then say it’s a fight to return to the event. I would not say he is a great opponent and a good performance would put me among the best, but say it will serve as the return of Thiago. I’m not fighting since January, so this fight will serve as my return to the UFC.

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