Titan FC: Big UFC Veterans Return

Titan FC is a big promotion when you leave the confines of the Octagon. While Bellator has done some bad signing recently with UFC veterans, Titan has some of the best veterans of the Octagon who was cut, but they face them off with strong up and comers to see who should hold their titles and make their way back to the Octagon.

The main event pits two relatively unknowns with the undefeated Ricky Simon putting his 7-0 record on the line against the more experienced 13-3 Anderson dos Santos who has fallen to 1-2 in his last three fights. If Simon wins the fight it is likely he could get pulled dup tot he UFC’s 135 pound division. This is the main event, but three UFC veterans look to get back to the big show this weekend at the Titan FC show as well.

Steven Siler once had a 5-1 span of fights in the UFC with big wins over ole Miller and Mike Brown. Then three straight losses spelled the end of his UFC tenure and a follow up loss for Titan seemed to spell the end of Siler being a high level fighter. Fortunately, a workman like pace in 2015 put him back in the win column in a huge way as he won five straight fights with four finishes over relatively unknown fighters. Now, he faces 11-0 Andre Harrison who is looking for the signature win of his young career to see if he may belong in a bigger venue. This will be his third UFC veteran to fight in his last four fights as well.

Former UFC Flyweight Tim Elliot was thought to be a contender in the relatively young division at the time. He gave John Dodson a tough fight in his debut and picked up a win over Louis Gaudinot. That all came to an end when three straight losses spelled the end to his run with the promotion. With two wins with Titan, he has picked up the belt and will face off with the once defeated Pedro Norbe to try and retain his belt in the coming up matchup this weekend.

Lastly, Pat Healy continues his up and down career. He has a hot prospect, despite being a veteran, when he signed with the UFC until his win over jim Miller was overturned due to a failed drug test. The four straight losses spelled the end to any idea that he would be a contender in the promotion. Three straight wins since his pink slip have given him a reinvigorated career, but his loss to rick Hawn puts him back on the path for looking for a win. He will need  win this weekend to have any chance of staying relevant in MMA.

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