Tom Deblass Lays into Bullies Who Cause Suicide and Men Who Call Women “C**ts”


Tom Deblass, a name familiar to most… Ocean County Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu owner Tom Deblass posted an interesting video where he ripped into many things, but most notably, bullies and men who disrespect women. Read on to find out more.

“The problem is not everyone can take that, you know what I mean?” Tom told viewers. “And many times, we’ve seen it before. How many kids are killing themselves?”

“Why is it okay to talk to women this way?” In this he’s talking about calling a woman a b**ch or a c**t.

And so on:

“It’s crazy that so many people are trying to justify calling a woman a ‘b**ch’ or the C-word. You know what that shows me? That shows me that you people are calling your women these words. You’re calling your daughter these words, and you wonder why your women are cheating on you”

Then he began to rip into those who bully others and he’s definitely not a fan.

“I don’t like bullies,” DeBlass told me over the phone on Sunday night. “That s**t pisses me off!”

“What I would most likely do is have one of my 14-year-olds train with him and, probably for an hour straight, and just not let the kid quit at all, no matter what, no matter tears, crying, just wouldn’t matter.”

“Then he’s going to train with me.”


“I would make them watch a video of another kid committing suicide,” he told me. “I’d make them watch someone putting a razor blade across their wrist and cutting their skin. You want to be a bully? Are you willing to be the reason why somebody does this to themselves?”

Also, he’s not a huge fan of street fights, they apparently make him feel pretty sick.

“It makes me sick, man,” he said. “I can’t even watch them, man. It makes me sick to my stomach just because I feel most of it’s, like, not fair. I feel like these guys are just inexperienced and when they knock somebody out, you know, when someone gets hurt, they follow it up with a…10 or 15 unnecessary strikes.”

“I don’t like these street fights, man, when people are hurting each other. I just wish people would stop hurting each other. There’s no need. They’re fighting for what? For free? They’re not getting paid to fight and they’re hurting each other for what? You know what I mean? To prove a point? To be on World Star? I mean, come on, man!”

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