Top Six Best Non-MMA (Sport) Fights Featuring Men, Women, and Boys

With so much talk about lunatics brawling, several unexpected "sporting event fights" caught on videocame to mind. Here are six of the best non-MMA fights or people brawling videos I’ve seen this year.

Top Six Best Brawls Featuring Men, Women and Children

1. Esteban fight with Ajax fan

Watch Video Here.

This is the incident that made me think of making a list. See what happens when an over-exuberant Dutch fan runs out on the field and attacks one of the players. Footballer Esteban Alvarado demonstrates that Bruce Lee kicks and soccer go together very well indeed. "It was a farce that would lead to a goalkeeper (being) given a red card, a team red with anger… and the Dutch FA red-faced after reversing the ref’s decision." The coach pulled his team off the field—in the middle of the game—in disgust. This game needs to be rescheduled.

2. Major Brawl In Oceanarium in Russia 2011


There are two important things to notice in this video: There’s a large aquatic creature swimming in the pool and there’s a guy being pulled out of the pool.

Around 1:36 minutes, security shows up. Wait—there were no handlers or people responsible for managing the audience in the vicinity before the guy decided to swim with the over-sized fish?

Someone must have said the wrong thing because punches started flying. One of the security guys was landing heavy left hooks, before he slid into the swimming pool with the big fish.

No, it’s not exactly a sport, but there’s a fight—with an audience—and a fish doing laps around the pool.

The young woman, sitting next to the person who’s filming the event, looks absolutely "girl next door" gorgeous, in close up. That camera angle doesn’t work well for everyone.

3. Post-Game Fight, Tampa Breeze vs Miami Caliente


4. Nine Year Old Youth Hockey Team Brawl 2011


I saw a push-down, followed by side control and some ground and pound. Other kids are being carried off the ice kicking and screaming. Just another day at the rink.

5. LFL – Philadelphia Passion Lingerie Football FIGHT BREAKS OUT. 2011


42 seconds of female football players fighting, with refs in the middle of it, trying to stop it.

6. Kids mass hockey brawl: Under-10 teams big fight


Another look at hot-tempered Russians working things out: It’s hockey! It’s ok.

Video description: "Players of the two Russian youth ice hockey teams – Penguins and the Northern Star – are trying to keep pace with professionals in all aspects. 9-year-old stars have proved – ice hockey is one of the toughest games to play no matter what age you are. A friendly game between Russia’s young Penguins and Stars turned into all-in massive fight on ice."

Which other fights at sporting events would you add to the list?

Before I started training in MMA, these incidents would have been upsetting to me. Now, I find them funny (as long as no one gets hurt). As far as combat sports are concerned, I’m definitely starting to think like a guy. If I missed your favorite, let me know, especially if it’s in an unusual sport or completely unexpected behavior.

By Cheryl Ragsdale

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