Top Three Fighters With Surprising Ages

Fighters who have been around a long time are always expected to be so old. For instance, Robbie Lawler makes his next title defense tomorrow over 14 year since his UFC debut, yet he is only 34 years old. While that is quite shocking, it is not the most shocking ages of people who have fought in the UFC and in MMA in general.

#3 Cris Cyborg

Cyborg has been dominate in the sport of MMA for nearly a decade and has been in nearly 20 professional MMA fights. She has also fought in Kickboxing and captured gold in grappling competitions. She has done this but is only 31 years old, and she just turned 32 this month. That is crazy for a woman who has done so much, but shows she has so much farther to go in the sport of MMA and hopefully in the UFC.

#2 Stefan Struve

Struve has barely fought over the course of two years due to a heart problem, but he is still very young. He has 17 fights in the UFC, been with the promotion for seven years and has nearly 40 professional MMA bouts. Still, this Dutch fighter is under 30 at only 28 years of age. While he has had a rough time since returning from his heart problem, he is still a valued fighter with a lot of upside who could sell have over ten years in the sport of MMA.

#1 Jeremy Stephens

Jeremy Stephens has more fights than anyone else of this list at 37 professional bouts. He has also been with the UFC for nearly a decade and has had more fights with the promotion than outside of the promotion. He had 14 fights outside of the Octagon but also has 23 in the UFC. While his career has been filled with ups and downs his biggest win to date was over former Bantamweight champion Renan Barao in his last fight. All of this has happened at the tender age of 30. What will the rest of his career hold? Well with many years to come we can watch for plenty of time.

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