Total Combat Results

Armando Contreras vs. Brian Smith: 205 lbs. The contest between Contreras, from Oceanside, California and Hesperia native Brian Smith was a brief one. After an exchange of fists and a struggle along the fence Contreras sunk in a rear naked choke 55 seconds into the first round. Frank Lester vs. Nick Braker: 205 lbs. Lester, a brawler who lost a decision in a match at Total Combat 21 to Chuck Graves, came out swinging for the fences again this evening. However like last time his cardio appeared to be an issue and after Braker weathered the inital onslaught of punches, Graves’ stamina appeared to deteriorate. In round two Braker began to get the advantage of the suffering Lester. After the end of round two the doctors intervened and would not let the match continue. Braker was declared the winner. Mike Peterson vs. Joe Nicholas: 155 lbs. San Diego fighter Mike Peterson found himself on the bottom for most of his encounter with Joe Moreira fighter Joe Nicholas. Nicholas, of Yucca Valley, positionally dominated the encounter and rained punches on Peterson for much of the match. After being saved by the bell at the end of round two, Nicholas was not so lucky in round three, succumbing to a rear naked choke from Nicholas 44 seconds into the round. Nicholas wins. Preston Scharf vs. Mike Granchi: 155 lbs. Scharf, of San Luis Obispo, took the first round of this fight by taking Granchi down and spending the majority of the first round striking from within Granchi’s guard along the fence. Granchi, coached by UFC fighter Jason Lambert, was active in the guard looking for sweeps and submissions but was unable to turn the tide. However in a reversal of the fight’s momentum, in round two Granchi was momentarily in Scharf’s guard attempting to strike when he was caught in an armbar and submitted 1:53 into round two. Jesse Newell vs. Diego Gardijo: 155 lbs. Gardijo is a San Diego based fighter and was the crowd favorite based on the applause he received during his entrance, and enjoyed the coaching of UFC fighter Brandon Vera. The very pale Newell, of Team Hostility, appeared smaller than Gardijo but managed to land a stunner of a punch that dazed Gardijo midway through round one. Referee Jason Herzog almost called an end to the fight but Gardijo appeared to regain his senses. However his recovery was short lived as Newell’s barrage continued and he landed several bullseye’s on Gardijo’s jaw that left him woozy and unable to defend himself. Herzog moved in to stop the match at 2:44 into round one and Newell won by TKO. Josh “Full Throttle” Williams vs. Sam Liera: 175 lbs. Williams, who picked apart the unaffiliated Danny McWilliams in McWilliams’ MMA debut at Total Combat 21, found himself on the wrong side of fate this evening. Liera took Williams down and after Williams’ attempt at a kneebar was squelched, Liera landed multiple heavy shots and scored the TKO in just 18 seconds into round one. David Gardner vs. Toby Imada: 155 lbs Gardner, of Team Quest South, was coached by Gabe Ruediger in his match against Imada for the Total Combat lighweight title. From early in the match the tempo was set, of Gardner taking down Imada and Imada working from submissions from the guard. Imada’s activity from the guard was constant every chance he had when he was not deflecting Gardner’s punches. In round two, Gardner escaped multiple submission attempts. Imada was able to eventually mount Gardner, who turned on his side and had his back taken and was forced to tap when Imada sunk the rear naked choke at 3:49. Imada is declared the Total Combat lightweight champion.

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