Traning Mask Review

Company Name:   Training Mask

Model:  Elevation Gas Training Mask
Weight:  Approximately 2 pounds
Color:  Black
Price:  $89.99
Size Chart:  One Size Fits All
Product Benefits:
·         Increases lung capacity as your lungs have to work 9 times harder to get oxygen needed
·         Increases anaerobic thresholds
·         Gas exchange becomes more efficient
·         Energy production levels rise
·         Increase in mental and physical stamina
·         Better mental focus
Cool Extras: Comes with 3 levels of resistance
Introduction: The elevation training mask was designed to help top athletes, day-to-day athletes, or anyone who wants to perform better. Years ago when athletes wanted to bring their training to the next level, many of them would travel to higher altitudes to train. Training at higher altitudes helps athletes build stronger lungs, better stamina & higher endurance.
Bio: I am 26 years of age, during my life I have participated in several sports that require a great deal of stamina & endurance. Some of those sports include wrestling, lacrosse, football, and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Upon starting Brazilian jiu jitsu, I started training for competition.  My average training week consists of 2-3 jiu jitsu classes per day 5x a week, 2 strength & conditioning sessions a week, and my own work outs, which consist of running &/or lifting 2x a week. Before using the training mask, I felt that I was in pretty good shape with descent cardio.
Week 1: When I first received the training mask, I began wearing it around the house to familiarize myself with the way it works & feels. Simply walking around the house with the mask set to its lowest resistance was hard at first. Towards the end of the week, I began to speed walk around my apartment complex, still using it on the lowest resistance level. Speed walking was a little challenging, while walking I began to teach myself how to breathe with the mask. After the first week of wearing it around the house & walking with the mask on, I felt ready to begin my circuit training.
Week 2: This week I decided to pick up my training a bit. I started using the mask during my TRX circuit training. I also upped the resistance to level 2 on the mask. My TRX circuit training consisted of 6 exercises per round for 6 rounds. The reason I used 6 exercises for 6 rounds, is to simulate a jiu jitsu tournament. I used 6 exercises to help fatigue my muscles as they would fatigue during a tournament. Exercises ranged from one legged burpies to hanging rows. As I began working to add the Training Mask to my other workouts, breathing with the mask on became harder. The maximum amount of time I could train with the mask on was about 20 mins & I do not recommend doing any more than that per workout (in accordance with the mask instructions).
Weeks 3&4: Running, running & more running during the last two weeks. I began to wear the mask during all my runs. I felt that running with the mask on was a lot different than wearing it during circuit training. Through weeks 3 & 4, using the mask during daily runs added a new challenge. Having to use my muscles without rest during running or jogging, my body required a more constant flow of oxygen. Normally I run an 8:37 mile, while wearing the mask, my time slowed by about 30 seconds. During my final run of the week, I decided to not wear the mask in order to see if it truly helped my endurance & stamina.  I ran the same route I had been running for the last two weeks. Come to find out, on this final run I ran an 8:05 mile, about 30 second faster than I ran prior to training with the mask.
Summary: Over the past month, I have been training with the High Altitude Mask from Training Mask. I used the mask during all my running, circuit, and trx trainings. After this month with the mask, I am a firm believer that if you want to take your training to the next level, this is the way to go. Based solely on my runs, I became 30seconds faster per mile. I feel the Training Mask has placed my stamina & endurance on a whole new level and is a great buy for those who want to take their training to the next level. 
Special Thanks: I want to thank everyone at Training Mask for the opportunity to conduct a review. I also want to thank them for taking my stamina & endurance to the next level.

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