Although most battles are fought on the arena/cage now days most wars are fought online on internet blog sites, Discussion forums, and chartrooms. Trolling is a popular trend that is utilized by many people for the simple task of provoking an emotional reaction out of its readers whether it is anger, humor, or sadness.


 Over the years trolling has been used for correcting someone’s spelling error online or spreading un-true gossip about a famous celebrity. However in our world (mma/bjj) trolling can be utilized in many ways whether it is to display our distain for a particular mma fighter, talk trash to our fellow bjj practitioner, debating over ridiculous topics or just being a plain troublemaker in an online discussion.  


 Legendary trolls such as Shen the super troll (who happens to be a black belt in Brazilian jujitsu) is famous for his crazy thread discussions in regards to his crazy jujitsu experiences, his distain for particular people he hates or even crazy bjj protocols as seen here in this thread In all judging from the threads I have seen from Shen, most of the threads he posts are created to make readers laugh & have you reflect on the crazy concepts that exist in the world of mma/grappling. 

Another group of up & coming trolls can found on facebook. The group calls themselves Sun & Moon (their real names are concealed for their personal safety) who are both purple belts in Brazilian jujitsu are responsible for countless trolling acts. These troll crimes consist of the creating fake profiles of a Relationship between two bjj guys, humorous on-line bjj instructional videos, & countless un-true rumors of their fellow  teammates.
When interviewing Moon (or as he likes to be called The Grand Dragon Shidoshi)   I asked him.
Monta: So why do you like to troll?
his response…………………………………………………….
Moon: Because you’re a $ 5 dollar sucka.
-lol- as you can see Moon is always in troll mode 24/7 even when doing an interview.
Although these trolls jobs are aimed at most of us regulars folks, famous faces are also the target of trolls across the nation. The most recent troll job which occurred last year was in regards to the fake death of UFC Veteran Kimo Leopoldo which was spread throughout the chatroom in the summer of 2009.However with a special guest appearance at IMMAE 2009 which took place at the Los Angeles Convention Center, Kimo silenced all the rumors that he wasn’t dead. See…….
.Even famous people such as   World renowned  Jiujitsu Master Eddie Bravo have joined in on the trolling by creating a fake catch wrestling website which can be seen here
In all trolling  is a must in the world. It gives us something to talk about, gives us something to think about, & most importantly allows us to meet other fellow fighters/grappler ( whether we become friends with them or not).All I can say is , Thank God for that amendment that gave us the freedom of speech !!!



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