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YouTube has always been a great source to go check out a variety of techniques from crazy sweeps to advanced submissions to implement into our game. Unfortunately the downside to watching some of these videos is that it may ruin our game due to the fact we don’t have the basics covered. In other words we can’t get to Point B because we haven’t mastered Point A. On the other hand their are some great videos out there that can become very helpful.


Just recently, I came across a YouTube channel called “Trumpet Dan BJJ” which showcased some very basic but helpful material that can help anyones game from a person who’s just starting bjj to an advanced grappler. Dan Lukehart (aka Trumpet Dan) is a purple belt under Brad Jackson & Bruno Paulista (Ralph Gracie Black Belts) who trains at the Ralph Gracie OC Academy. In his videos, Dan presents his viewers with a full game plan toward having a strong bottom game. His videos are organized in Lessons ( 1-14), each with their own sector for strengthening all areas when you are on the bottom.


Here (above) is one of the videos on his channel.If you’re interested in viewing more videos from Trumpet Dan you can visit his YouTube channel at I guarantee you will not be disappointed by his material.



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