Tsui-Jen “Soo Bee Doo” Cunanan off to Colorado Springs, CO!

Being Phoenix Combat Academy’s most active female competitor, she can also boast the fact that she is Arizona’s most active and successful competitor and fighter! She is tough as nails and when you hit her, she’ll hit you back even harder! She’ll go where most women wouldn’t fathom going! She will fight men when women won’t and she’ll fight men when there are no women to fight! That’s how tough she is! Don’t let the name fool ya! She’ll put a hurting on you!

On Friday November 12th, she has yet another opportunity to step in the ring and prove to the world that she has what it takes to be one of the best in the world! She will be facing a formidable opponent! Despite her opponent only having 1 MMA fight and win, her record in grappling and wrestling creates a challenge for Tsui-Jen. Despite her opponents accolades, we are confident that Tsui-Jen is more than ready, is a better fighter, has more ring experience, and is more technical in every aspect of the game. We are confident she will come home with the win!

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