Two Champions Set for Title Defenses

Luke Rockhold was left without a dance partner and UFC 199 after former Middleweight Champion Chris Weidman dropped out of the fight due to an old nagging neck injury that now requires surgery. This was a rematch for the title, but now Rockhold is stuck with a different kind of rematch instead. A lot of people wanted recent Vitor Belfort vanquisher Jacare to take the fight, but the UFC released a statement saying he has a knee injury. Instead, former Anderson Silva vanquisher Michael Bisping gets his first shot at the title after a decade int he promotion and change to redo his most recent loss.

Since his last chance at number one contendership against Chael Sonnen in 2012, Bisping had not been able to string together a winning streak and was alternating wins and losses. That ended when he was finished by submission against Luke Rockhold in November of 2014. Since then he went on a winning streak taking out CB Rollaway, Thales Lietes and the aforementioned Silva. Rockhold had finished two other fighters on his way toward a title shot, then took out Bisping, then Machida before dethroning Weidman. Now, the match will happen for the title on 17 days notice. It should be a fun one to watch.

Also, set for the UFC 201 co-main event is a bout between Demetrious Johnson who is set to face off with the next winner of TUF, but that now looks like it will be to tie the title defense record this December. He currently sits tied for third against Jon Jones and will move up to tied for second with GSP against this bout with Wilson Ries. His new challenger sits at 3-1 in the UFC Flyweight division after entering the promotion at 135 and going 1-1. He has no real big names to his record and has a loss to Jussier Formiga two fights to go, but he is one of the last people left to face off with Johnson. Formica may have had a shot but lost to Cejudo in the fight before Cejudo gained his title fight. It is now just fun to watch how Johnson will dismantle his opponents.

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