U.S. Open News Flash 9-27-05

U.S. Open X News Flash 9-27-05

Registration Deadlines for Tournament

As the U.S. Open starts to heat up, we would like to remind everyone about the registration deadlines.

Early registration fee for individual competitors is $50.00 due by midnight on Wednesday, October 12th.

Late registration fee is $65.00 and must be paid by midnight Monday, October 17th.

Registration fee for the Brown/Black Belt Team Challenge is $100 per team by midnight, Monday October 17th. Online Registration found here: https://www.semkhor.com/page.asp?s=register4tournament&content_id=7617 Mail in Registration forms for download found here: http://www.claudiofrancabjj.com/registration2005.html Brown and Black Belt Team Challenge—How does it work? In Brazil the Team Tournament is the event that draws the highest level of public excitement. Fans turn out in droves to help cheer their favorite teams to victory. The Claudio Franca Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Association is very pleased and excited to bring this event to American soil for the first time. For those of you unfamiliar with the Team Tournament format, here`s a look at how it will work at the U.S. Open. The tournament will be an open weight division challenge between the best brown and black belt competitors a team can offer. Each team will consist of 3 players, with a fourth registered as an alternate in the event that one of the competitors gets injured or becomes ill. The coach or team captain will assign a number, 1-3, to each of the team members in the presence of the referee and the event organizer. In the first round, ones will battle ones, two will battle twos, and threes will battle threes. The teams that secure two or more victories will advance to the next round and so on. The winning team will win a $3,000.00 prize. In the event that more than two teams participate in the challenge, the second place team will take home a $500.00 prize. Men`s Black Belt Superfights Confirmed! In addition to Megaton Dias vs. Eduardo Leitao, we have also confirmed Rickson Gracie Black Belt and 2003-2004 Champion Luis ‘Limao’ Heredia vs. Cia Paulista and Huntington Beach Jiu-Jitsu Club`s Waldomiro ‘Junior` Pirez. Anyone interested in setting up a black belt superfight should contact us at blackbelt@claudiofrancabjj.com or (831) 476-7650, or visit our website at www.claudiofrancabjj.com Thanks to all our sponsors—without your help the U.S. Open X would not be possible! Please visit our sponsors and give them your business. The Continental Innhttp://www.continentalinnsantacruz.com/ Play it Again Sportshttp://www.playitagain-soquel.com/ Befour, Inc. The best in scales and portable scoreboardshttp://befour.com/ The California State Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Leaguehttp://www.csbjjl.com/ Koral Gishttp://www.koralusa.com/ Jiu-Jitsu Progearhttp://jiujitsuprogear.com/ Tdama.com Organic Clothinghttp://tdama.com/ OnTheMat.comhttp://onthemat.com/home.php Sambazon, the world’s #1 source for acai fruithttp://www.sambazon.com/ Rollins Fire Sprinklershttp://rollinsfire.com/ Slatter Constructionhttp://www.slattcon.com/ Farley Electric (831) 475-3798 Epico Systems Network Infrastructure Solutions(831) 427-3282 Power Perform Document Copy Servicepowerperform1@cs.com

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