U.S. Open News for 8-08-06

Team Saulo Ribeiro Set to Defend their TitleBrown & Black Belt Team Challenge 2 heats up!!!!Dear Alan,

Team Saulo Ribeiro have indicated their intention to defend their title at this year’s U.S. Open Team Challenge 2. With current Heavy Weight and Absolute World Champion Xandre Ribeiro, Six-Time World Champion Saulo Ribeiro, and rising superstars Rafael Lovato Jr. and Vinicius Magalhaes the show promises to be the most exciting event of the year! Those of you who witnessed the Challenge last year sat on the edge of your seats as you awaited the outcome of tie-breaking matches that would advance teams in the bracket. This year promises even more intense action as Team Gracie Barra, Team Alliance, and Team Brasa have expressed interest in taking on the reigning champs. Any team intersted in competing for the $3,000.00 first place prize and $500.00 second place prize contact us immediately, or register online for the Team Tournament now.

uso 2inchesU.S. Open Works Hard to Ensure the Quality of Referees at Event

As always, the Director of Referees for IBJJF Professor Alvaro Mansor will conduct a Rules and Referees Seminar prior to the tournament. The U.S. Open has a reputation for fair refereeing, among other things, and Professor Mansor is one of the driving forces behind this.

This seminar is open to referees as well as competitors, who want to understand the rules of the sport. Knowing the rules only helps you to compete better, so don’t miss this chance to bone up on your jiu-jitsu knowledge! We usually host this seminar the week before the tournament, but in order to better serve competitors we are considering scheduling the seminar for Thursday, October 19th. Potential attendees, your feedback regarding this option is greatly appreciated. Please email us at blackbelt@claudiofrancabjj.com .

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Registration is now open and starting to pour in for the tournament. Make your plans now; Register today at www.Register4Tournament.com


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