U.S. Open News Registration Countdown!

U.S. Open XII Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu TournamentImportant Deadlines – Tonight Early Registration Ends!We’d like to remind all potential U.S. Open competitors, sponsors, and spectators about some important deadlines around the U.S. Open Tournament.

Also be sure to check out the U.S. Open trailer on YOUTUBE and help us spread the word about “America’s Favorite Tournament.”Tonight, Early Registration Ends!October 11, 2007 (11:59) PM

Early Registration for Competitors – The early registration period ends TONIGHT on October 11, 11:59 pm. The price for registration during this period is $65.00.

Don’t wait till the last minute! Save yourself some money and REGISTER now. Late Registration PeriodOctober 12 – October 15 (11:59 PM)

Late Registration for Competitors – The absolute deadline for registration is Monday, October 15 by 11:59 PM. We WILL NOT accept any registration after this date. Period. The fee for late registration will be $80.

Competitor ListsNow – Tuesday, October 16 (Noon)

Check Competitor List for Accuracy – Be sure to check your registration information on the competitor list for accuracy. We will be updating the list throughout the day today, and every few hours over the weekend. You have until NOON on Tuesday, October 16 to do so and inform us of any mistakes. You can do that HERE. Scheduled EventsEarly Registration DeadlineLate Registration DeadlineReview Competitor ListContact InformationWebsiteEmailPh: (831) 476-7650

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