UFC 111 – A review

 If anyone watched this, and was blown away. Then you know what I felt.

I thought the first matches were great, all out wars. Tough guys, getting beat up and trying hard.

Miller waged war, but it was a tough call for me.

Fitch controlled the fight and made Saunders bleed. Good fight for grapplers to watch.

Pellegrino looked like he had it under control most of the time. This was pretty brutal. A great match for those who like very skilled fighters.


Then I saw Mir vs. Carwin and got blown away. I never expected that. I knew Carwin was tough, but if this happens, then Brock Lesnar must be worried. Very worried. The game has changed. He looked like a bald werewolf foaming for blood.

I’m glad GSP showed us his technical skill. Hardy showed us that he’s tougher than we thought he was. If you trained with Shaolin Monks, you’d be tough too. They don’t have a word for pain. I know that kimura was very painful. Hardy is Hearty. GSP is a master and he knows it. Good going GSP!


Let me know what you think of the fight! 


Thanks to ESPN HD for the photos!

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