UFC 181 Future Matches Winners and Losers

UFC 181 Future Matches talks about all the next big fights for the fighters that won and lost at the PPV event this weekend.

UFC 181 Future Matches

Stop worrying about CM Punk and check out UFC 181 Future Matches to see if your opinions agree with ours.

UFC 181 Future Matches: Winners

Robbie Lawler vs. Winner of Johnny Hendricks vs. Rory MacDonald

Lawler is right, he has given up a lot of his family time for the UFC to have a good fighter headlining cards. He fought for the title twice in less than ten months. That alone is a lot, and only one of his last four fights was less than five rounds. The trilogy makes sense, but his only other option is a rematch with MacDonald. Let the two duke it out while Lawler gets some rest and he can take on the winner.

Anthony Pettis vs. Khabib Nurmagomedov

Pettis needs a quick turnaround and every other big name fighter is locked up in a fight. Nurmagomedov called him out, so he must be uninjured finally. With six straight wins in the Octagon, a win over the number three ranked fighter, and undefeated in 22 straight fights it is time for a title shot.

Travis Browne vs. Andrei Arlovski

Browne picked up a good win, but it was against someone he was supposed to win against. When being absolutely dismantled by Fabricio Werdum, he needs some time to retool before being put back into the title picture. Let him face off with the resurgent former champion to earn himself who is actually ranked in the top ten.

Todd Duffe vs. Winner of Matt Mitrione vs. Gabriel Gonzaga

Duffee proved while despite his time off he is still a dangerous fighter. He needs to get back into the cage and work his way up the ladder. Knocking out Mitrione or Gonzaga would do a lot more for his career than continuing to blast through unknowns.

Tony Ferguson vs. Winner of Jorge Masvidal vs. Gleison Tibau

Ferguson earned his shot at a top fighter after winning 7 of his last 8 fights. Masvidal is in a similar spot to him as he takes on the stalwart of 155 in Tibau. The winner of that fight against Ferguson could easily jump into the top ten of the division.

UFC 181 Future Matches: Losers

Johny Hendricks vs. Rory MacDonald

The reason for this fight was outlined before, but it just make sense since both fighters are angling for the title and a match with Robbie Lawler. Let them face off to earn that right.

Gilbert Melendez vs. Winner of Benson Henderson vs. Eddie Alvarez

Melendez was completely outclassed in the fight with Pettis and Henderson and Alvarez are in a similar situation after losing some big fights. All three need to rebuild before facing another new contender or challenging for the title. Melendez may be coming off a loss, but the winner of the Henderson and Alvarez fights are fresh off a loss as well.

Francisco Rivera vs. Urijah Faber

Rivera was counted out, but he was winning the fight up until the eye poke. Let him get his shot at beating Faber back since his loss is not really a loss considering the circumstances.

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