UFC 192: Matches to Make

Cormier Speaks Up For Fellow Fighter: As An African-American, You Have To Market People Differently

Daniel Cormier vs. Jon Jones

This fight needs to happen. Regardless of everything that has happened, the bottom line is Cormier has proven himself to be the best fighter at 205 outside of Jon Jones. Now that the door has been opened for Jones to return, the rematch has to happen. It is unknown if Cormier can truly win this fight, but he has earned the chance especially after this weekend.

Alexander Gustafsson vs. OSP

Gustafsson has fallen in three of his last four bout and needs to fight a few more times before even being considered in a top fight. OSP has proven himself to be a tough fighter eve though he lost to Teixeira recently. Gustafsson and OSP is  the right fight for all parties involved.

Ryan Bader vs. Winner of Glover Teixeira vs. Patrick Cummins

Bader came away with a win extending his winning streak to five, but he will not get the shot at the title if Jones is returning. A good fight for him would be a rematch with the last man to beat him in Teixeira, but he already has a fight lined up with rising contender Patrick Cummins. That means the winner of the bout is the next logical fight for potential number one contendership.

Rashad Evans vs. Rafael Cavalcante

Evans lost his return bout after two years off. He may just need more time in the cage or his time in the cage may have come and gone. A good fight for him would be to take on Cavalcante who has not won the most fights recently, but he is still  threat to any fighter he enters the cage against. That sense of urgency may make a return to the old form for Evans.

Ruslan Magomedov vs. Roy Nelson

Magomaedov has won three straight fights which should put him in line for a fight against a top 15 fighter at Heavyweight. Nelson has not won many fights in his last few fights, and he needs to start to rebuild himself after these losses. Magomedov seems like the appropriate fight for both fighters.

Joseph Benavidez vs. Kyoji Horiguchi

Benavidez secured himself the number two spot at 125 with his win this weekend, but Horiguchi is still a tough fighter for anyone at 125. He showed some amazing skills in his recent win and did have a good fight against the current champion. While it is hard to imagine Benavidez getting another shot at the title, he can still have some fun fights with the people that have already lost a chance to capture that same title.

Julianna Pena vs. Alexis Davis

Pena said she is ready for Rousey but she is not even close. She needs to fight someone who can challenge her on the ground since Rousey will have no problem beating her there. Davis is a pretty clear number two in the Bantamweight division having never loss outside of her title fight. Plus she is a duel black belt who will give Pena plenty of fits not he ground and can truly test Pena to see how good she is.

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