UFC 31


You have to go see UCF 32 before the UFC blows up, because it is going to blow up big soon. Right now you can get in on all the action. All the fighters were roaming the hotel and just hanging out with fans. Big groups of fans everywhere. We met Josh from UFighting, Joe AKA IndyWrestlingPA. Sherdog was there but we never saw him other than that it was a great time. The thrill is missing when you stay home. You have too go! All the fighters are just right there waiting to hang out with little old you. Watching the tape after being there was so boring. Boring how could I say the last UFC was in anyway boring! When you are there you just feel it so much more. The whole event is like a big MMA party, the music rocks through the whole place and everyone is having the time of their life. After their fights fighters are out mingling with fans signing autographs and taking pictures. In the video you will see all the fighters hanging out and geting ready to fight and people having a great time. Back Stage at UFC 31 the Video Footage! He’s some of the footage: Tito was taking on his fans at the UFC Video game! Back Stage with BJ, Tony D, and Chuck Liddell. Lots of pre evnt footage and shots rom the press confernece. Proof we were there, some people believed we were faking our chat! and you can see just how fun it was! Thanks to everyone for your emails about the chat room. We had a good time reporting to everyone. We are going to try and implement this in to more events we cover. The Press Conference was great. There were a few idiots there asking stupid questions. One guy was straight battering poor Pedro Rizzo. Man the guy wouldn’t leave him alone. Carlos and Pat had some taste words and wait till you see the look on Pat’s face, phew! PISSED. Randy was smooth and cool, Limping in of course! He was late because his leg was so chewed up. He’s a pro though and said great things about Pedro. Best part was to hear Larry Hazzard at the podium pushing hard for MMA and giving us good news. Vegas is a lot closer than New Jersey so we hope they do move the event. You can count on us being at every UFC from now on. It was too much fun not to go again. Some of our press conference footage is a little shaky because people were getting pushy there. I guess they don’t respect OTM as valid press agents. The match ups were fantastic. Some real shocking results. We saw the next big star in the UFC, of course BJ Penn. Unreal, he shut all doubters down. Well you guys know the results already. Here is some behind the scenes footage of the fun you missed. Too bad we don’t have any after party footage to show you. Our only complaint was that the ring girls could have been better looking, but we’re pretty picky.

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