Dark Matches Frank Edgar defeats Mark Bocek by TKO 4:55 Round 1 Chris Lytle over Jason Gilliam 2:15 Armbar 1st Round Lytle earns Tapout Submission of the night honors, with a head triangle from North-South transitions from a kimura to a straight armlock submission Jorge Gurgel over Diego Saravia unanimous decision after 3 rounds. Stephan Bonnar over Mike Nickels Rear Naked Choke 2:14 Televised Bouts Antonio Rodrigo “Minotauro” Nogueira over Heath Herring by Judges Decision 3 rounds. Herring rocks Minotauro with a left high kick in the first round but fails to finish him off, even allowing the Brazilian back to his feet. This proved to be a costly mistake as Nogueira not only comes back, but presses the action and earns the judges no 29-28 Lightweight Title Fight Sean Sherk over Hermes Franca by Judges Decision 5 rounds. Hermes was game the entire fight, but the Brazilian Black Belt’s best moment came from exchanges on the feet, where well timed knees seemed to at least momentarily stun the bull rush of Sean Sherk. Once on the ground it was largely Sherk’s game as his under appreciated positional skills came into play as he seemed to pass guard and mount at will for most of the match. Hermes scored a few reversals and fought the entire match, but by the final bell at the fifth round it was fairly obvious who’s hand was going to be raised. Dominating performance from Sherk. Rashad Evans and Tito Ortiz to a draw after three rounds. It was a point deduction for grabbing the fence in the second round that cost Tito this fight and while Rashad seemed to elude danger most of the fight, he didn’t score much in the way of offense either until late in the third round, where he managed to score a takedown to side control. Still with Tito winning the first round and a tie on the second thanks to the point deduction, the judges called this one a draw. Both fighters asked for a rematch, but both are going to have to step their games up a notch to make this interesting. Middleweight Title Fight Anderson Silva TKO’s Nate Marquart 4:50 in the first. On paper this was a very even match up as Marquart entered the octagon with a remarkable pedigree and a seven time King of Pancrase. Marquardt manages to take the fight to the ground, but Silva manages to be very offensive from his back. After a period of inactivity referee Big John McCarthy restarts the bout on the feet. A straight left from Silva spells the end for Marquart as after a failed takedown attempt Silva stand on top dropping heavy rights on Marquart until McCarthy calls the bout. Very impressive performance from Silva who is managing to make this look easy. Kenny Florian over Alvin Robinson Tap Out from Strikes 4:30 Round 1 Highly energetic match as both fighters (who tout a BJJ Pedigree) came out throwing leather. The power of Robinson seems to give Florian some troubles early on, but an outside trip by Florian a pass to the mount and a torrential down pouring of punishment forces Robinson to tap out.

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