UFC Bantamweight Injury Bug Hits Big

UFC Bantamweight Injury has struck the top of the division from Dominick Cruz down no one was safe and the injuries are not small and leave them out awhile.

UFC Bantamweight Injury

UFC Bantamweight Injury will keep these people out for a long time due to their injuries causing indefinite times of healing. Cruz has to be the worst of the case.

UFC Bantamweight Injury to Dominick Cruz is the saddest of the bunch. He had two ACL injuries to his leg which kept him out of the fight game and had his belt eventually stripped from him. He returned earlier this year to knockout top contender Takeya mizugaki and seemed to secure himself a shot at his former title against current champion TJ Dillashaw. Now all of that is out of the window as it seems he will be out for another year unfortunately.

The next injury seemed to be destined for a title shot eventually as he had won seven straight fights and has one of the only wins of TJ Dillashaw. UFC Bantamweight Injury to Raphael Assuncao had him break his ankle and leave him out of the fight game as well. The top contender seemed destined to matchup with Renan Barao while Cruz took on Dillashaw, but then when Cruz announced his injury most thought Assuncao would slide in. That does not seem the case as he will be on the sidelines for quite sometime as well.

This does not bode will for the promotion and the UFC Bantamweight Injury continue to stack up. This took one of the deepest division to a shallow wading pool. In the top ten alone, two of them are taken out due to injury, four are coming off losses, and that just leaves four viable challengers. You have Urijah Faber, Iuri Alcantara, Renan Barao, and Johnny Eduardo.

Out of those four Eduardo is a bit too green and injury prone himself having fought three times in nearly four years with the promotion. Alcantara needs that big win which he is missing due to the loss to Faber. It is unlikely that teammates would fight each other in Faber and Dillashaw, and Faber has to erase that awkward win over Francisco Rivera. This leaves Barao who has a less than impressive win over Mitch Gagnon this past weekend, but it will close out the confusion with the title and give fans closer on the feud between the current and former champion.

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