UFC Best Bets for Weekend Fights

UFC Best Bets for weekend fights will tell you the best match ups to stack your hard earned dollars on, whether they be favorites or underdogs.

UFC Best Bets

UFC Best Bets will inform you on which lines are the best to make some cash on regardless of which card it is on or how far it is hidden on the card.

UFC Best Bets: Underdogs

Joe Proctor over Yancy Medeiros at a 2:1 favorite

Medeiros is a favorite in a fight where he has only won one fight in the last four years. Proctors sits at 3-1 with two finishes in his UFC career. He has the submission game to finish Medeiros and the hands to keep him safe standing. That makes him a good bet.

Charles Olivera over Jeremy Stephens at +120

Olivera is the underdog in a fight where he has the tools to win. Plus, with missing weight the line may get bigger before the fight happens. He should take this win over Stephens and could make you a few bucks in the process.

Stefan Struve over Alistair Overeem at 2:1 odds

With as many losses as Overeem has it is surprising for him to be the favorite. Struve may not win but the odds are good enough to throw a few dollars on to see what happens.

UFC Best Bets: Favorites

Jessica Penne over Randa Markos at -110

Penne has the submission skills to finish Markos as shown in her loss to Namajunas. This fight could go either way, but in terms of skill and experience, which penne owns, should win her this fight.

Gabe Gonzaga over Matt Mitrione at even odds

Gonzaga odds are even, but realistically he has all the tools to win this fight. He could knock Mitrione out on the feet and easily submit him on the ground, because if Schaub can submit him, then an BJJ world champion can. That makes him a good bet as a favorite.

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