UFC Fight Night 21 – Tomorrow Night!

My coaches, Keith Florian, Peter Welch, Firas Zahabi, and Jonathan Chaimberg had me work on many things that have improved my game tremendously for this fight.

It’s exciting to know that I have a lot more in the future to work on and learn. All of my coaches tackle training with great enthusiasm, curiousity and genuine passion that makes my training fun and exhilirating.

I had the honor of working with John Danaher (BJJ mastermind) and Kru Phil Nurse (Muay Thai expert) who really inspired me in this camp to reach new levels. I also need to thank Jesse Kropelnicki and Adam Naylor as well for their guidance and preparation for this fight.

A big thanks to the training partners at my gym, Florian Martial Arts Center and at the other gyms where I trained that included F15 Boxing Center in South Boston, Tristar Gym in Montreal, Renzo Gracie in NYC, The Wat and the Montreal Wrestling Club (MWC). These places really pushed me hard.

I would like to thank the following training partners for their help and support: Renzo Gracie, George St. Pierre, Kurt Pellegrino, Ben Maloney, Tom Egan, Mike Ricci, John Cholish, Erik Owings, Alex Garcia, Jordon Procter, John Makdessi, Matt Phinney, Cleo Ncube, James Mancini, Aiman Zahabi, Yves Jabouin, Sean Matthews, Derek Shea, Tommy Connors and anyone I probably missed from the gyms mentioned above.:)

My sponsors gave me great support for this fight so please support them, Tapout, MusclePharm, and Cape Cargo. A big thank you as well to the guys who work hard behind the scenes like Ron Weinberg, Raffi Nahabedian, Marc Hines and Felix Gomes.

I am looking forward to being a part of another exciting UFC card and fighting another tough opponent. Ultimate Fight Night will be broadcast on Spike TV on Wednesday night starting at 8pm ET.

Thanks for all of the support!

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