UFC Fight Night 79 Matches to Make

Benson Henderson vs. Winner of Joe Duffy vs. Dustin Poirier

While henderson has done well at 170, the bottom line is he fought an overmatched opponent and another former 155’er. If he can make weight without an IV it makes sense for him to go back to Lightweight if he wants to journey toward the title. Duffy and Poirier are on the cusp of breaking into he top 15 and have been super dangerous up until this point. Let the winner get a chance at the former champion while Henderson has the chance to prove he is still dangerous in his former division.

Dong Hyun Kim vs. Neil Magny

Magny has proven himself to be top ten worthy at 170, but he still has not had that win that will allow him to be considered top 5. The only time he did fight someone of that caliber he was throughly beat by Demain Maia. Now, Kim has proven himself to be one of the toughest fighters at 170 and would prove to be a good test for Magny. Also, Kim wants some big rematches but did not get the fight he should have had against Masvidal. This means let the two face off to see who gets to come back to the spot they want to be in their career.

Alberto Mina vs. Winner of Warlley Alves vs. Colby Convington

Undefeated fighters are a nice commodity to have since they always draw intrigue, but a lot of times their loss is wasted. It is easy to market undefeated fighters which is the case with Covington and Alves. Mina most likely would have been given a bigger fight with a good win in his last fight, but that did not happen due to Mina just blowing the third round away. He needs to prove he can go all three rounds before tying to break into the top 15. Covington and Alves fight will produce a winner who will be on the same path and makes a good match for Mina.

Doo Ho Choi vs. Darren Elkins

Choi is in a  weird spot having not a ton of experience in the UFC. Then again he has absolutely destroyed the competition so far which is good for him. Elkins has been up and down and to keep his spot in the top 15 he has to fight and beat some up and comers. He just bested Whiteford in a career best performance, but the question remains what Choi will do when facing someone who does not break under his power. That is what Elkins will be for Choi which will answer some questions about his future.

Jorge Masvidal vs. Alan Jouban

Masvidal came close to beating Henderson but ti did not happen. Still, he endeared himself to fans with his gritty performance. Jouban was beaten by Albert TUmenov in his last fight , but that does not mean he does not have a chance to rebound. The chance for violence in this fight is great, so it will be fun for fans to watch.


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