UFC Fight Night 84: Matches to Make

Anderson Silva vs. Vitor Belfort

Silva now has not won a fight in a  few years, has had three losses nearly in a row, and has the stigma of steroids on his resume. Still, he showed he is a fun fighter, if not frustrating, to watch and can still bring a good fight. Belfort and him have unfinished business after all the false starts to their original fight and a rematch. Win or lose against Jacare, this is the fight to make between two former UFC champions.

Michael Bisping vs. UFC Middleweight Champion

Some people would not give Bisping the title shot, but lets put it this way that he is only the second person to defeat Anderson Silva in the Octagon outside of Chris Weidman. Yes, his face looked messed up, Yes, it was a close fight. Yes, he is older and probably will not win, but the man did what he said he could do for years and won. It makes sense and regardless if you think Anderson’s skills have declined a name lie his on your resume speaks volumes when it is a win.

Gegard Mousasi vs. Uriah Hall

Mousasi seems to have a real chip on his shoulder from this fight and it is only fair that he should get a second crack at Uriah considering he was a late replacement. Mousasi was supposed to be fighting Roan Carneiro who is vastly different from Hall. Give Gegard a second chance especially after he has been lighting up the internet with all those inflammatory comments.

Thales Leites vs. Roan Carneiro

Leites and Carneiro both had great starts to their second stint with the UF, but now both have fallen on hard time after some tough losses. Let these two Octagon veterans fight it out to see who stays relevant int he promotion and who may be sent packing back to the regional circuit once again.

Tom Breese vs. Zac Cummings

Both of these fighters are on equal footing in the division, with Cummings having one more fight that comes as a loss. Reese has done well but not fought anyone that is truly a standout, not saying that Cummings is but he will be a stern test for the undefeated fighter. It will be a good test to see if breeze is ready for the top 15after his first decision win.

Brad Pickett vs. Rani Yahya

Both have been with the promotion for  along time and have traded some wins and losses with a whole mixture of talent. It would be great to see these two mix it up before it is too late. While some people are counted as pioneers for the lighter weights, you cannot deny that both of these fighters have been mixing it up with 155 and below for a long time and not have faced each other.


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