UFC Sold for $4 Billion

The worst kept secret in all of sports is now official. The UFC has sold for $4 billion to the WME group along with other contributing partners. Lorenzo will be stepping down but still hold a minor interest in the company along wth his brother. Dana White retains a stake int eh company as well abut will remain on to run the company as president. Also, no mention was made of the sale that happened a few years ago with another entity that holds 10% of the company, but you can almost guaranteeĀ that their parts has been sold off. They have promised that there will be no major changes, but this new owner will help take the sports to new heights.

It is almost for sure though that a lot of things that have happened int he last few years was in preparation for this ale. obviously, you have the Fox deal which had to happen after leaving Spike Tv, but that they left Spike was probably for the national recognition that comes with being on network TV. Also, you have the Reebok deal and that was to make the company more appealing to buyers when you don’t have sponsors like condom depot on fighters shorts.At the end of the day it is a huge deal fro a company that was worth $2 million to sell for $4 billion less than 20 years later and this company also kept Lorenzo afloat when his casino business filed bankruptcy, but now they are back in the black with their empire. Lastly, it will continue to be fun o see where this all heads in the future.

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