UFC Ultimate Fight Night 51 Best Bets

UFC Ultimate Fight Night 51

UFC Ultimate Fight Night 51 takes place this weekend and there are quite a few best bets to make on this card.

UFC Ultimate Fight Night 51

From top to bottom there is always bets that makes sense and don’t so check out our opinion on where to make your money at UFC Ultimate Fight Night 51.

Andrei Arlovski (+360) vs. Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva (-450)

The last time that these two fought, both were coming off losses, but even worse was Arlovski had been knocked out twice in a row while Silva was only coming off the second loss of his career. Now, Arlovski has the momentum coming in at 7-1 in his last eight fights, and Silva has a loss, draw, and coming off a near year suspension. While it is not a huge chance that Arlovski will win this fight even throwing down $25 will pay out at nearly $100 if he does. The upside is just too big not to.

Johnny Bedford (-185) vs. Rani Yahya (+145)

These are crazy odds. Yes, the first time they fought it ended up being a No Contest, but Yahya was winning that fight up until the head butt. Also, Bedford does not have the greatest mindset since he has lost two other fights by being finished. Yahya, on the other hand, comes into this fight knowing he can beat Bedford as well as being 3-1 before that fight. The loss was only a split decision as well. If any fight on this card seems to be a best bet this is most likely the fight.

Sean Spencer (-185) vs. Paulo Thiago (+145)

In terms of favorites that should win at UFC Ultimate Fight Night 51 this is the fight to pick. Thiago has shown none of the flair or skill that made him a contender when he first entered the UFC. In fact, he has only won two fights in his last eight. Spencer will have the size advantage since he barely just moved down to Welterweight from Middleweight and he is 2-1 since entering this division. He is the best bet on the card that is not that full of best bets.

UFC Ultimate Fight Night 51 is a card that is not full of best bets, but it is a card that you can make money with some smart bets.

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