Ultimate Glory webcast

G4 Productions powered by MAX Entertainment Holdings (otcbb:MXEH) presents a live webcast of Ultimate Glory 5: Sunday 9 September 2007

Line up:

MT -70kg Jose (Calmaro Gym, ESP) vs Remco de Bos (Siam Style, NL)

SH -70kg Gregorz Tredowski (Team Beast of the East, Poland) vs Johan Kroes (Hard Core Lions, Aruba)

SH -83kg Arno Verbaak (V.C. de Groot, NL) vs Jamie “Hooligan” Saunders (Van Os Gym, NL)

MT -74kg Matthieu Lawalata (B.A. Physical, NL) vs tba

SH -70kg Daniel Sharifi (Team Hardcore, NL) vs Kuku Victor (Team Relex, NL)

SH -76kg Raymond Jarman (B.A. Physical, NL) vs Hamid “Akira” Corassani (Golden Glory,Sweden)

SH -76kg Oktay Karatas (Golden Glory, NL) vs Yoshitomo Watanabe (AACC, Japan)

MT -63,5kg Ati Göl (Team Beast of the East, NL) vs tba

SH -70kg Vincent Latoel (Golden Glory, NL) vs Daniel “Bingo” Abrol (Cum Sut, Ireland)

MT -75kg Geronimo de Groot (team Relex/Dekkers, NL) vs Marc de Bonte (sportschool Washi-Ni, Belgium)

SH -95kg Dion Staring (Golden Glory, NL) vs Hans Stringer (Super Pro, NL)

SH -83kg Nathan Schouteren (V.C. de Groot, NL) vs Ahmed Bayrak (Team Karatas, NL)SH -91kg Murat Chunkaiev (Golden Glory, FR) vs Robert Jocz (Team Beast of the East, Poland)MT -70kg Niecky Holtzken (Golden Glory, NL) vs Youssef Ouahnini (Germany)

MT = Muay Thai

SH= Professional Shooto

Gregorz Tredowski = Polish champion Judo and Polish champion MMA

Oktay Karatas = Dutch most exciting striker in MMA. He has a heart of a lionYoshitomo Watanabe = Japanase superstar who is the runner up DEEP tournament champion. Exciting fighter as well who doesnt look for a decision but want to finish every fight in the 1st round!Vincent Latoel = very well rounded agressive Golden Glory fighter who just defeated European Champion Muay Thai by knocking him down! He just lost 1 fight out of his last 12 fightsDaniel Abrol = hard hitting Irish brawler who loves to swingDion Staring = Dutch top heavyweight with vicious GnP. Great record, Action garanteedHans Stringer = Currently best BJJ practitioner in MMA -100kg. The guy has great, high paced ground movements and pulls out submissions from nowhere.Nathan Schouteren = former World Champion Ultimate Combat Championships (UK)Murad Chunkaiev = PRIDE veteran with exelent wrestling abilities. Multiple national champion of Chechnya in wrestling. Defeated Russian superstar and UFC/Bodog fighter Andrei Semenov in 2H2H.Robert Jocz = Polish top MMA fighter with great stand up and ground skillsYoussef Ouahnini = European Champion Muay Thai 2006, Best of German middleweight 2005, Best of Dreamfights 2006Nieky Holtzken = K-1 MAX Scandinavian Champion, K-1 MAX Japan fighter, Dutch and European Champion Muay Thai 2007

The webcast will start exactly on 18.00h Central European Time.

The webcast can be seen at www.mmawl.com.

About G4 Productions:

Martijn De Jong, Patrick Mooney, Marko Leisten and Augusto Frota have joined forces to create the first ever pan European MMA production Company. The new company G4 Productions, will now handle all of the groups separate promotions marketing their events under one banner.

De Jong, Mooney, Leisten and Frota have control of many of Europe’s top MMA shows including, Cage Wars, Ultimate Glory, Shooto Switzerland, FinnFight and ADCC to name a few. This coming year will see G4 produce 16 shows across Europe and increase their live productions to 32 in the following year.

G4 Productions is exclusively producing MMA shows for MAX (otcbb:MXEH), Martial Arts X-treme . The G4 / Max deal will establish live Mixed Martial Arts events throughout Europe, creating content under the Max banner for TV, DVD and digital media.

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