Unacceptable behavior in MMA – by KATMAN Carlos Castañeda

For the past several years that I have been watching and working for the sport of MMA. This is the most bizarre kind of behavior that a modern day galdiator can exhibit to MMA Fans around the world. It’s a shame that there are still people in MMA or for any other sport that can not accept defeat….the article posted below is from Mrs. Bubbles Aguilar of the URCC.

Razi Jabbari Gets Banned from the URCC By Bubbles Aguilar


Not even an unruly fighter could stop the recently concluded Colt 45 URCC Bagiuo III event aptly dubbed "Invasion." Held last Saturday February 19 at the Bagiuo Convention Center, the event was stacked with off the hook MMA action from start to end. The fight between hometown hero Honorio Banario of Lakay MMA and Iranian fighter Razi Jabbari however, took the spotlight. After suffering a series of losses at the URCC, Jabbari was more than determined to redeem himself after getting a stern warning from the Games and Amusement Board that if he lost that night, they would not be renewing his professional MMA license anymore. With this in mind, Jabbari was in fight mode even before the day of the event. Several people present during the weigh ins the day before complained about Jabbari’s untoward behavior. He seemed very agitated and hostile towards the hosts and other fighters. The day of his fight proved all the more that the fighter was clearly disturbed. As the bout started, Jabbari threw a combination of punches but Banario quickly ducked and served Jabbari a clean double leg takedown sending the Iranian down on the canvas. After suffering a series of blows from the Baguio City fighter, referee Joey Lepiten notices that Jabbari seemed to have tapped out and asks the latter if he did. But the Iranian says otherwise and referee Joey continues the fight. Banario continues the barrage of blows until Jabbari couldn’t defend himself anymore and finally taps out.

As Banario’s hand was being raised referee Joey Lepiten then asks Jabbari to shake hands with the winner as it is customary in any MMA event for fighters to shake hands or sometimes even engage in a hug after each fight to show good sportsmanship among fighters. Jabbari however flicks Lepiten’s hand off and hurls expletives towards the internationally certified referee. Lepiten then approaches the obviously disturbed fighter to pacify him. "The Iranian" then pushes and throws a sucker punch at Lepiten prompting the latter to engage him in a clinch and eventually take him down to further pacify him.It was at this point where URCC founder Alvin Aguilar stepped into the ring to stop the irate fighter from causing any further ruckus. Bouncers eventually pulled Jabbari out and escorted him to the backstage. The producers then asked for members of the SWAT Team tasked to ensure the safety of the event to escort Jabbari to his hotel as it is the promotion’s utmost concern that fighters are protected as the latter obviously irked the SRO crowd.

The URCC has worked very hard to preserve the integrity of the sport and the institution and we condone any sort of misbehavior and disregard of the work that we’ve worked so hard on. With that said, the URCC and its producers have decided to permanently ban Mr. Razi Jabbari from ever competing in the URCC. Steps are also underway to filing a formal complaint with the Games and Amusement Board to permanently revoke Mr. Jabbari’s professional MMA license for his gross disregard of the principles the URCC and its supporters value.

We would like to formally apologize to the people of Baguio City for this very untoward incident and would also like to tahnk everyone for the support and for practicing maximum tolerance on Mr. Jabbari. Rest assured we will continue to organize many more entertaining and safe fights in the future. See you all in Baguio next year!

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