United Gracie Quick Results

Some great action on the mat at United Gracie today!

Some quick results:

Black Belt Superfight. Alexander Crispim wins in overtime over Eduardro can’t remember his last name (black belt under Ryan Gracie).

Brown Belts- Luke Stewart over Asa Fuller by submission in divisional action and by points win the over 181 champion of champions division.

Gary Grate wins the under 181 “Champion of Champions” division (he did not have a match in his regular division) submitting both of his opponents.

Jason “White Mamba” Collard over Mike Weaver by 12-0 in a match that was far more frentic and competitive than the score might indicate.

Purple Belts: Paul “the East Side Kook” Schreiner wins the purple belt middleweight and champion of champions division.

More results to come!

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