Urijah Faber’s In The UFC Hall Of Fame: And He’s Surprised About It

Urijah Faber is in the UFC hall of fame now, here’s how it happened…

“I was out at the UFC headquarters in Vegas having a meeting and Dana [White] basically stopped me and kind of spilled the beans,” he said during an appearance on The MMA Hour. “So I was definitely surprised and honored at the same time. What a cool honor. Really, to put your heart into a sport and be recognized like that alongside people that you looked up to and watched since you were a kid, it was pretty amazing.”

“No, it didn’t choke me up,” he told Ariel Helwani. “Not that I’m not a sentimental guy, I’m definitely a sentimental guy. In the context I found out, I didn’t get to watch the countdown, or the little tribute they did — I didn’t realize they were doing that. I was in Vegas trying to scurry to get to a TV to watch Cynthia [Calvillo at UFC 210] and I barely missed it.”

“We’ll see if they have some sort of requirements, but I throw a celebration I should be able to do what I want,” he said. “So, I’d like to say probably in my perfect world, some nice jeans, some sandals and a collared shirt. That would work.”

“You know, [the UFC] had some ideas on who they wanted to do my induction,” he said. “I haven’t gotten into details about that. But I’ve got some pretty great friends I have in mind for sure.”

“Well, I’m retired — that was kind of the closing of the door,” he said. “But no, you know me dude, I’m not huge on planning and never count out an opportunity, but I mean, I’m retired, so…closing the door? I’m doing a competition on May 14, a jiu-jitsu competition against a five-time world champ who’s still competing and stuff like that. So, I’ve still got an inch.”

When asked if there was still an itch for MMA, he responded:

“No, not right now.”

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