US Open X Day One

US Open Quick Report

The first day went smoothly as always at Claudio Franca’s US Open. A ton of White Belts began the day’s action. For this first time this year instead of making all the women compete at once, the women were called up along their respective male counterparts belt level.

In the purple belts featherweight Pacific Martial Arts teammates Greg Ashbury and Jorge Evanglista split top honors. In a tought lightweight division Bill Cooper submitted three opponents to take the title.

In the middleweight division, Claudio Franca teammates Paul Schreiner and heavier than usual Noman Rana each submitted their opponent to split honors. Al Williams takes home the Light Heavyweight honors and James Maddalon takes the heavyweight title. Sergio Fames takes the Unlimited title.

The absolute division was extremely exciting as well, as many of the divisional winners stepped up to compete. Bill Cooper met Sergio Fames in the first round, and Bill’s usual pluck and quickness was not enough to overcome what was at least a 200 pound weight disadvantage. Sergio would go on to submit Maddalon to make it the finals. On the otherside of the bracket, Paul Schreiner scored some quick submissions, including a sweet flying triangle to make it the finals.

Well aware of the size difference, Paul Schreiner approached the finals match with Sergio Fames with extreme caution, and Sergio for his part treated Paul with equal respect. The entirety of the match was spent jockeying for position on the feet, although at points the tension was so great between the competitors that the mat bagan to move from underneath them. Without any points or advantages scored, the referee awarded the US Open Purple Belt Absolute Title to Paul Schreiner

Today will be the blue belts, brown and black belts plus the team challenge!

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