US Open XI Day 1 Quick Results

Santa Cruz CA October 21st 11th edition of the prestigious BJJ tournament in Santa Cruz runs typcally well despite an atypically late start. White Belts (lots of them) and purple belts competed today: In the white belts, the largest division (white belt middle) was won by Barret Lyons, who took five matches to win the gold. Here are some of the purple belt champions: Absolute: Carlos Melo of Claudio Franca looked impressive armbarring his way to victory over Nate Diaz to take the absolute crown. Carlos Melo actually armbarred everyone he faced today. Unlimited Weight: Marcos Tome over Dr. Mike Vann Super Heavy Weight- Carlos Melo once again takes the title. Purple Middleweight: There were some notable no shows, but Nate Diaz beats out a tough division to win the title. Purple Lightweight: Teammates (and flying out from the East Coast) Ryan Hall and Julius Park had some hard battles to wind up splitting this division. Purple Featherweight: Diogo Borges takes the division. Purple Belt Masters: The absolute division was won in very impressive fashion by Gil Olivas, who also happened to be the smallest competitior on the podium! Chris Corrales win his match in the superfeatherweight division. Lightweight taken by Gil Olivas. Middleweight by Ryan Saboe LightHeavy by Chris Lovato Heavy was won by Brian Heathenthal. Super Heavy was won by Mark Palfalvi. Senior Light Heavy by Bernard Weinstock. Senior Superheavyweight by Michael Florimbi More results and video (hopefully) later!

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