USA’s Premier Tournaments join forces to bring you the RATED circuit!

Happy New Year to all our friends, staff and competitors!!!

The overdue RATED North American Circuit launched this year with extensive work put in by Grapplers Quest, WGG,, Grappler Gear, USA Grappling and Grappling Tournament Association. The circuit is broken into 4 Regions. The East Coast, West Coast, Mid-West and the South.

The governing will be split among WGG, Grapplers Quest,, Budweiser Cup, Grappler Gear, USA Grappling, US Grappling, Pat Hardy, Rafeal Lovato, and Dustin Ware.

These Ten Independent organizations have been successfully organizing tournaments and particapating in the sport of Submission Grappling and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu since 1995. They have proven to be neutral and consistent with their efforts to build the sport and they all the same vision to have a neutral governing body with the best interest being the competitors not the politicians. Its simple! Consistency, Safety, Organization, Comradary, Unbiased, Integrity and Respect.

We are making steps towards bringing in more promoters’ events and breaking the circuit down into states. It will be a long process to organize on that level and we could use your support. If you are interested in helping the sport grow on a consistent and professional level then either support or join our team today!

Competitors points for each season will be accumalated and athletes will be rated by state, region and nationally. Become a #1 Rated Grappler this year!

We look forward to providing you with another year of consistent high caliber tournaments with trained RATED Circuit Referees and the highest quality production we can provide. Get involved TODAY!


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